'The Challenge': Dee Nguyen Is Egging on Haters on Instagram: 'Like This Comment if You're Still Mad'

The Challenge is back with Total Madness, and fans are already hooked. We’re seeing rookie players, like Jay Starrett, earn their stripes as they’re competing — and winning — elimination rounds against veteran players. And we’re also witnessing a ton of drama go down between competitors.

So far, it looks like War of the Worlds 2 champ Dee Nguyen is already causing a ruckus thanks to her history with Rogan O’Connor. And her confidence in her physical and mental abilities is also rubbing both competitors and fans the wrong way. Now, she’s coming at her haters on Instagram with a message to keep on hating — and it’s certainly causing a scene.

‘Challenge’ fans are begging Dee Nguyen to get over Rogan O’Connor

Nguyen’s relationship with O’Connor was a serious plot point during War of the Worlds 2. O’Connor openly admitted to using Nguyen out of boredom — and while these two have managed to keep some sort of friendship after the demise of their romance, there’s plenty of tension on Total Madness.

Viewers saw Nguyen get upset with O’Connor when he started flirting with rookie player Jenn Lee. And Nguyen even told Tori Deal that she and O’Connor were talking every day prior to Total Madness.

“There’s, like, there’s a lot of sh*t there that’s like, unsaid, like, after the last season,” Nguyen told Deal. “Now, we talked to each other every single f*cking day. He said to me, like, ‘I miss you, I love you,’ and whatever, you know.”

Deal told cameras Nguyen needs to move on — and fans are in agreement.

“If this is how Dee is going to act all the time I hope she’s not on the next season… he doesn’t care sis please move around,” a fan commented on a clip of Nguyen attempting to flirt with Starrett to make O’Connor mad.

Many fans think she’s acting way too cocky on the show

Nguyen confidently voted Lee into an elimination round and pitted her against Jenny West. West won, and Lee was sent home, which gave Nguyen a confidence boost. On the next women’s elimination day, Ashley Mitchell was thrown into the ring — and Nguyen made it clear she was prepared to take Mitchell down in any challenge. Now that Nguyen won, she seems more confident than ever in her abilities. But fans aren’t thrilled with her cocky attitude.

“Uhm…. she annoys me. Anyone else? Like I just am not a fan of Dee… I hope she stops coming,” a fan commented on a clip of Wes Bergmann helping Nguyen learn to swim from a past season.

“Dee should have went home,” another commented. “Annoying AF and no one should have been able to help. As usual, she’s being carried to the end.”

Nguyen is encouraging her haters to keep posting about her

Despite the hate Nguyen receives, she’s ready to take down anyone who publicly shames her. She frequently posts on clips from The Challenge Instagram page — and her comments seem to be getting pretty inflammatory.

“LIKE THIS COMMENT IF YOU’RE STILL MAD. Let me enjoy my red skull in peace,” Nguyen commented on a clip of her and Mitchell’s elimination. And the comment got plenty of attention. Many noted that without Bergmann’s help on the elimination, Nguyen would’ve never won.

One follower commented, “bro you literally got so much help you didn’t earn anything… Tell wes to enjoy his red skull.”

“I liked you I really did. You were actually my favorite which is why I was excited to watch but you won ONE TIME and now you got the biggest head ever. I didn’t really expect it from you,” another wrote.

We’ll have to wait and see if Nguyen can redeem herself with her fans. So far, it looks like she’s going to continue egging on her haters no matter what happens.

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