The Larkins newest cast member details connection to co-star

Bradley Walsh talks about wearing his grandad's hat on The Larkins

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The second series of The Larkins is in full swing with 21-year-old Joelle Rae being the latest addition to the cast. Replacing Sabrina Bartlett as the eldest Larkin sibling as Mariette, the young star made her debut on the show this month. Although when speaking to, the actress revealed her past connection to her on-screen sister.

This series of the ITV drama has seen actress Joelle Rae join the cast of The Darling Buds of May remake alongside returning favourites Bradley Walsh, Joanna Scanlan and Tok Stephen.

Joelle is making her debut as the eldest sibling of The Larkins family this month as Mariette after Sabrina Bartlett announced her departure following a reported on-set disagreement.

The 21-year-old may be slotting into an established group of returning actors but she already has a connection with her on-screen sibling Primrose, played by Lydia Page

When asked if she already knew Lydia before joining the show, Joelle said she did as they trained together.

She said: “I trained at a place called Television Workshop in Nottingham.

“I’m a Midlander and so is she, we never were in the same playgroup together, we were never in the same sessions together so our paths never properly crossed.”

Joelle added that the duo still knew who each other were and when they were watching plays at their training school would chat.

The actress added: “I distinctly remember her in a play called Middletown, I was watching it with my mum and I was like, ‘This girl is incredible!”

“Her talent is unimaginable, she’s so good at what she does. Obviously, when I heard that she was in it as well, it was like, ‘Yay a familiar face!’

“Coming into a cast as somebody knew is obviously always going to be quite daunting.

“Since filming we’ve obviously got a lot closer which is really lovely, I feel like I’ve found a real friend in Lydia.”

In the second series, Primrose Larkin’s key storyline involves her falling in love with the new young Reverend Candy (Maxim Ays).

Joelle teased that despite her own character having a lot going on in this series, after returning back from Paris with her love Charley, she’s pleased with her younger sister’s romance.

The actress added: “She can see what she saw in herself I think, as Marriette was growing up, Primrose is going through the same thing and it’s really lovely for her to watch.”

Despite there being a new budding romance in the village, there’s also trouble on the horizon with the arrival of the out-of-town family, The Jerebohms.

After buying Bluff Court from Pop at a high premium price, they soon realise that the mansion is falling apart and they have to put more money into fixing it up.

Although when Pop refuses a refund, he unknowingly starts a war with The Jerebohms who vow to get their revenge.

A synopsis for the second episode of The Larkins reads: “It’s BBQ weather and no-one throws a party like the Larkins.

“Everyone is welcome, including the dubious Jerebohms. Truths and tension are served alongside the sausages and burgers, and a trap is set to bring Pop down.

The Larkins continues Sundays on ITV from 8pm

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