‘The Late Show’: Stephen Colbert Discusses Trump’s “Plan To Do Stuff” About Coronavirus

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, the world is taking precautions and is trying their best to keep calm. During Tuesday night’s episode of  The Late Show, Stephen Colbert pointed out that the fear of the virus had a huge effect on the economy as the Dow fell 2000 points on Monday. Because of this, Donald Trump is one step of the game with his grand plan.

“The president immediately held a press conference to announce his plan to plan…to have a plan to do stuff,” Colbert said before cutting to a clip of Trump talking about his muddled plan.

Colbert reacted by doing his impression of Trump saying that he has “hastily thrown together measures that feels like I’m throwing handfuls of dry dog food at a charging tiger.” He then started listing off random plans before saying, “Tell me when one of these works!”

He then talked about how Trump addressed a worried nation about the coronavirus. He constantly said that people need to remain calm and that “a lot of good things are going to happen.”

Colbert deadpanned, “Really?” And then added, “Cause that’s what I kept telling myself about you and three years in no good things have happened.”

Watch the video below.

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