The Love Is Blind Reunion Reveals Who’s Still Married—and Who’s Single

WARNING: Many spoilers for Love Is Blind ahead!

Netflix really hit the reality TV jackpot with the release of its new series Love Is Blind, a dating show that features contestants who meet, fall in love, and get engaged all without seeing each other in person. In the finale episode, which aired last week, the couples who lasted through the season walked down the aisle at their weddings and confirmed whether they did or did not wish to marry their significant others. (Juicy stuff!) More than a year later, the featured couples reunited to share updates about where their lives are now.

Below, we’re sharing a little about how the Love Is Blind cast is doing today, based on what they revealed in the reunion special, which is now available to stream on Netflix and Netflix’s YouTube channel.

Lauren and Cameron are still married.

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, arguably the fan-favorite duo of the series, are still together. (They’re all over each other’s Instagrams, too, if you haven’t checked.) “Life for us has been really, really good,” Lauren said. “Each and every day is like our own little experiment, because we’re still learning each other even though we’ve been married for over a year now.” She added that she’s “never been as happy as I’ve ever been with Cameron.”

As for Lauren’s skeptical and protective dad, Cameron said, “I love him. We’re family, and he loves Lauren so much.” He later added, “Lauren has a strong connection with her father, so it makes sense that I would love him too.” Their families even spent Thanksgiving together for the first time.

The duo got a puppy named Sparks, but will that lead the way to starting a family? “We’re definitely excited,” Lauren said, explaining that they’ve talked about what their future kids could look like, but it doesn’t seem like they’re in a rush. “One day,” she said.

Amber and Barnett are still married.

Besides the fact that Amber Pike is now blonde, Matt Barnett shared updates that he and his wife have been “learning about ourselves while we’ve been traveling and doing fun stuff.” They also moved closer to the city, because, Amber alleged, their previous house was haunted.

Their love story is not without troubles, though. They had to handle financial struggles and learn how to socialize as a married couple. Amber admitted that she considered getting a divorce lawyer because she and Barnett, who are both stubborn, kept butting heads and were not in a good place. But things got better when they “stopped trying to force what we wanted on each other,” Barnett explained.

Damian and Giannina are “so together.”

Damian Powers and Giannina “Gigi” Gibelli hit rocky ground after their loved-up blind romance in “the pods.” Despite their frequent arguments, they made it to their wedding, but while Gigi said “I do” at the altar, Damian said “I don’t” and broke her heart. But it seems like they’ve recovered from that very harsh breakup.

At the reunion, they revealed that they’re dating again, and they spend “every single day waking up next to each other, going to the gym together,” Gigi revealed. “I don’t want to lose this. I just don’t. And I didn’t,” she added.

However, they did revisit their heartbreaking wedding and apologized to each other. Damian explained that he wasn’t expecting Gigi to say “I do,” which made his rejection even more difficult. “That was the hardest decision I ever made in my life, honestly. And I would stick by it again because of where we are now,” he said.

Jessica is single and just started dating again.

Jessica Batten, who jilted fiancé Mark Cuevas at the altar and spent the season grappling with possible leftover feelings for Barnett, came clean. “There were some really cringeworthy moments for me that I’ve been able to reflect on,” she said. She also later apologized to Amber and Barnett for interfering in their relationship, and to Mark for hurting him.

“It was really rough for me when I realized that things weren’t going the way that I hoped that they would,” Jessica added.

In the past year, she went back home to Chicago for six months to be close to her family and “reflect and figure out how to change course.” Now, she lives in L.A. and recently started dating again.

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Mark is single.

“As a man, I think I learned more about vulnerability, communication, and, I don’t know, just more about myself,” Mark said of his LIB experience. But “life’s been good,” he assured. He’s also single now, following his crushing split from Jessica.

Mark still has “so much respect” for his ex, he revealed in the reunion. “No matter happened and what went down, I’ve become a better man.” He added, addressing Jessica, “I couldn’t be more thankful to go through it with someone like you.”

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Kenny is now dating someone new.

And he “could not be doing better.” Kenny Barnes credits the show for helping him “open myself up” and “truly be vulnerable” in his current relationship. “I have the best girlfriend for me,” he gushed.

“My takeaway at this point is that I’m not embarrassed by anything,” he added later on.

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WOW – What a week… – Episodes 1-9 of #LoveIsBlind @netflix have been released and there is enough buzz to fill a million beehives. Considering the scope that the cast – myself included – is under, I did want to clear the air on something that I steadfastly support and believe – Sex. Or the control over not having sex, for the matter. This topic was brought up early on during my time in “The Pods”, so I knew it was something that needed to be addressed swiftly and with diligence – I was adamant, from the first discussion to the last, that sex was not going to be introduced into my relationship during the experiment. My decision stemmed from the fact that considering the uniqueness of the environment we were all in, it was nearly impossible to wrap my mind around introducing the physical. Moreover, the physical dynamic that is such a deep, intimate, emotional and enriching bond between two persons – Sex is just that though. Something to be cherished, valued, respected and only exists between two people whom are relentlessly committed to each other and every aspect of what it means to be in love – I hope that this decision is viewed through the lens of the audience with a sense of understanding and maybe encourages others to practice the same restraint. Respect themselves. Learn who you are, who you are with, who you are committing to and build that special bond so that true love may exist – Something worth having is something worth building and – once it’s built – it requires maintenance, attention and the contribution of love from both persons. Equals, might I add ❤️ Happy Friday, everyone!

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Kelly is single, but dated one of her wedding guests.

After saying “I do not” to Kenny at the altar, Kelly Chase is still single. But she did date one of her best friends post-LIB, and funnily enough, he had attended her and Kenny’s wedding. There’s been “a lot of self-growth from what I learned from this show,” Kelly shared, and she was able to take some of those lessons into that following relationship.

She also revealed that she and Kenny “agreed to an ‘I don’t’ way before the wedding,” but she was nonetheless emotional. She shared a tearful message to her ex, “Kenny, you’re amazing. You’re a great guy. I did love you. I was not in love with you, as we mentioned, but I did love you and I wanted to continue our journey of dating and getting to know one another.”

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Carlton is single and working on himself.

“I’ve really just been working on Carlton,” said Carlton Morton, who is now single after breaking off his engagement to Diamond Jack on the show. Their relationship didn’t last very long; days after meeting in person, Carlton came out to her about dating men and women in the past. Diamond struggled with the information, because she thought Carlton was keeping secrets from her; meanwhile, Carlton felt she wasn’t accepting him for who he is. They split up after an explosive fight during their getaway in Mexico.

“On one end, I feel very free since doing this show, but on another end, I’m very disappointed that love didn’t work out that I wanted for it to,” Carlton shared at the reunion. Of being open about his sexuality onscreen, he said he’s “still processing it. It’s kind of weird, but I’m proud at the end of the day.”

Diamond is single and waiting for Beyoncé to call her.

“I’ve been great. I’ve been waiting for Beyoncé to call me,” Diamond joked. She was referencing the fact that during her and Carlton’s big fight, she left shouting lyrics from Beyoncé’s “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” which the Internet obsessed over. The downside of the online comments, though, is that she and Carlton received backlash on social media—even death threats—as viewers reacted to their relationship and split onscreen.

Carlton did get into contact with Diamond after filming when he reached out for her birthday or over the holidays. They mended their friendship at the reunion when Carlton gave her back her engagement ring as a symbol of forgiveness and their bond.

Diamond is also back at school working toward a PhD.

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