The Masked Singer costume designer is making PPE for NHS staff

The Masked Singer’s costume designer has started to make PPE for the NHS staff battling coronavirus on the frontline.

Tim Simpson, who came up with the incredible celebrity disguises on the singing competition, has become part of an 8,000 people network who are distributing the equipment across the UK.

When Boris Johnson sent Brits into lockdown mid-March, the 46-year-old took his 3D printers home in order to use them to make the much-needed protective gear.

And their mission is working, as so far the company 3DCrowd UK has managed to provide 100,000 face shields to over 160 NHS trusts – but there is still much demand as Tim explained they have a further 600,000 orders.

‘It has been amazing. I have never been involved in anything like this,’ he told PA news agency.

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‘There’s this sort of network of people who have never met face to face who are all working frantically to try and fulfil this need around the country.’

The designer, who owns his own organisation Plunge Creations, added to the publication: ‘There are people working in hospitals who are being told that PPE is coming and yet they are coming to us because they are scared.

‘We have frontline workers who are just unbelievably grateful.’

Back in his 20s, Tim almost lost his life to pneumonia, and had to spend time in a hospital in Newcastle to recover from the infection.

Addressing his views on Covid-19, the dad, who now lives in East Sussex, said: ‘It’s a disease that gives me the willies because I know that I might not fair too well if it does get me.

‘I have just got to keep going, making sure other people are going to be alright.’

PPE is in high demand, seeing the government deliver more than a billion pieces to healthcare workers in the UK.

Michael Gove explained earlier this week: ‘On personal protective equipment for key workers we are increasing the spread of distribution and supply.

‘From February 25 to May 2 we have had delivered over a billion items of PPE across the health and social care system in England.’

As it stands, more than 30,000 people have died from Covid-19 while there are over 200,000 coronavirus cases confirmed in the UK, which has the worst death rate in the entirety of Europe.

Boris Johnson is set to publish a strategy on Sunday evening on how the government plan to ease the lockdown measures.

The Masked Singer is expected to return to ITV early next year.

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