‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Airs a Special Birthday Episode

The Pioneer Woman star ReeDrummond shares a birthday month with her husband, LaddDrummond. She took time to cook a special birthday meal for herself andLadd during season 24, episode 11, titled “Birthday for Two.” Here are some ofthe sweet moments from that Food Network episode.

Ree Drummond posted a message on Instagram

Drummond shared with her Instagram followers that she andLadd had birthdays during the time The Pioneer Woman aired in January.They decided to celebrate by having an intimate dinner for two. The “accidentalcountry girl” says she hopes the episode provides a bit of joy and distractionto people who are feeling down about current events. Here’s the messageDrummond posted:

Ladd and I both had birthdays during our block of filming in January, and we had a fun little dinner for two! This episode kicks off a new season of The Pioneer Woman on @foodnetwork tomorrow (Saturday!) morning. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it gives you at least 30 minutes of lightness and diversion (and chocolate.) We love you all. Stay safe and well, friends.

What Ree had on her birthday menu

Drummond had a delicious menu for her and Ladd’s birthdaydinner. She made skillet spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread pinwheels, andchopped wedged salad with ranch dressing. For dessert, Drummond made a blackforest cake for two.

The skillet spaghetti is cooked in the oven and themeatballs are made with minced garlic, parmesan cheese, seasoned Italianbreadcrumbs, cream, and a beaten egg. She adds salt, pepper, and oregano forseasoning.

Drummond seasons the sauce with oregano, garlic, and onions.This way, there’s oregano and garlic in both the meatballs and the sauce.Drummond says this is the perfect meal for Ladd because he loves cheese, pasta,and Italian food. The Pioneer Woman and Marlboro Man have a lot in common whenit comes to what they enjoy eating.

Ladd threw a surprise 50th birthday party for Ree last year

During the show, Drummond spoke about the surprise birthdayparty Ladd threw for her last year for her 50th birthday. He didsomething thoughtful for her, so she wanted to return the favor for hisbirthday this year. “Ladd and I don’t really emphasize our birthdays very much,with the exception of last year,” said Drummond during The Pioneer Womanbroadcast. “I turned 50 and he threw a big surprise birthday party for me. I’venever had a surprise birthday party thrown for me. I was a little bit shocked.”

Drummond says she never thought she would have wanted asurprise party, but she had a great time. She’s not sure Ladd would react wellto a surprise birthday party because he’s not a fan of surprises and he doesn’tlike a lot of attention. Drummond says that’s why a dinner for just the two ofthem was the perfect way to celebrate.

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