The Walking Dead boss confirms Michonne and Eugene’s survival as he talks show’s endgame after The Commonwealth

THE Walking Dead is famed for killing off some of its most beloved characters, but it seems a reprieve is on the horizon.

Robert Kirkman, who created the acclaimed comics upon which the AMC series is based, has spoken out about the fates of Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Eugene (Josh McDermitt).

Fans will remember that Michonne made her exit in season 10, but is expected to return in the upcoming Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) movie trilogy.

Meanwhile Eugene is spearheading the voyage out to The Commonwealth after making contact with Stephanie over the radio.

In the comics the pair both live to an old age, with Michonne ending up as a judge for The Commonwealth and Eugene engineering a railroad as the world begins to rebuild once the threat of zombies diminishes.

Now Kirkman has teased these pathways being honoured on screen during a Q&A with Hey Fandom!.

The 41-year-old explained: "I will say that there’s a lot of implied story in the final issue, with the railroad meeting, and the colony to the West uniting with the colony to the East."

He continued: "There’s some general thoughts and notions that I have for that."

He concluded: "If the television show ever gets to that point in the comic book series, and we decide to continue past that point I’m kind of excited about the idea of telling a little bit more with older Eugene and Judge Michonne and the different things that were in the comic series that could have gone on, and we could have done more with."

Fans are eagerly awaiting the season 10 finale after the coronavirus lockdown brought production to a halt.

Beta (Ryan Hurst) is set to march The Whisperers' horde of walkers on the allied communities in to avenge the beheading of Alpha (Samantha Morton).

Meanwhile production on season 11 has yet to begin, with the release predicted for late 2021.

It will likely track the discovery of The Commonwealth and the culture clash explored in the graphic novels.

The Walking Dead is available to stream on NOW TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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