Tiffany Haddish Says She and Her ‘Girls Trip’ Co-Stars Are Blazing Ahead on a Sequel

The raunchy gal-pal comedy “Girls Trip” was a box-office coup for Universal Pictures in 2017, collecting more than $140 million worldwide and spawning meme after meme — including that scene about the many unorthodox functions of a grapefruit. While an official sequel has yet to get the greenlight, with talks of a follow-up dating back to early 2019, Tiffany Haddish recently gave a status update on a possible second film to The Huffington Post from the comforts of quarantine.

Haddish said that she and her co-stars Queen Latifah, Regina Hall, and Jada Pinkett Smith have been regularly keeping in touch about what shape “Girls Trip 2” could take. Haddish also added that Tracy Oliver, who co-wrote the script for the first film with Kenya Barris, has a treatment ready to go.

“Then it was like, ‘Oh, you guys want too much money,’” said Haddish, who broke big after “Girls Trip,” which reportedly earned her an $80,000 payday.

The five actresses had a two-hour Zoom meeting, Haddish said, last week to discuss making the sequel, and said that starting Friday, they’ll meet again to begin chipping away at the script.

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“We might decide not to even make it ‘Girls Trip,’” Haddish said. “Maybe we’ll do a different story just in case no one wants to make ‘Girls Trip 2.’”

Haddish currently stars in the recently released Netflix series “Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker” opposite Octavia Spencer, who plays the titular black hair care pioneer and mogul. While Netflix audiences binge that show during quarantine, Haddish said she’s doing plenty of marathon-watching of her own, including “Tiger King,” “Wild Wild Country,” “Locke & Key,” “I Love Lucy,” and “My Three Sons.”

Otherwise, she said, her shelter-in-place experience is just like everybody else’s. “I got Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime; I’ve got cable. I have a room that I’ve got to clean out. I have so many bills that are a year old that I just paid online,” she told HuffPo.

Haddish is also starring in the latest film from Paul Schrader, “The Card Counter,” whose production went on hiatus amid the coronavirus outbreak that has put virtually all of Hollywood on pause. Regarding Haddish, the fast-rising star who’s become a favorite of many an auteur, including Paul Thomas Anderson, Schrader said in a recent interview, “I love Tiffany. I’ve never met her, but I was on the phone with her for an hour. She’s a firecracker. It’s like talking to a live-wire connection. She’s very funny and, of course, she makes you funny. When someone’s sharp, that makes you get sharp because you want to keep up. So that’s all good.”

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