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TIGER King has proved to be a roaring success on Netflix since it dropped in March 2020.

But now fans want to know where the cast are now and what they are up to.

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Where are the Tiger King now?

Everyone is still talking about Tiger King and the insane storyline of murder, mayhem and madness it brought with it.

As the show was filmed over five years, fans are keen to know where the cast are now.

We take you through all the main line-up and what has happened to them since filming wrapped.

Joe Exotic

In January 2020, Joe was sent to serve his time in a Federal Prison for a plot to kill the animal Big Cat Rescue owner Carole Baskin.

He received a nine-year sentence for each of his two murder-for-hire convictions and four years for crimes against wildlife, which included trafficking in endangered animals and killing tigers to make more room in the cages at his ramshackle roadside zoo.

Joe Exotic is currently being held in Grady County Jail, Oklahoma.

Up to this day, Joe still protests his innocence for the crimes and in a recent statement said: "I still maintain my innocence and look forward in the upcoming days to my attorneys filing my appeal and moving on to the next step in this nightmare.”

Carole Baskin

Carole is still a big name in the Big Cat world and is still running Big Cat Rescue with her husband as she works with PETA to change laws about wild animal enclosures.

Naturally, all eyes are on Carole thanks to the seven-episode series first launched on Netflix, and unsurprisingly she has slammed how she was portrayed.

Carole has branded the Netflix documentary ‘salacious and sensational’ – claiming bosses ‘didn’t care about the truth’.

As of April 2020, Carole's husband Don Lewis is still missing.

Jeff Lowe

Jeff was introduced as an investor in 2015 when Exotic was struggling financially due to the legal battle with Carole.

Not much has been said about Jeff's background, but in the documentary, he reveals how he grew up around big cats because his grandfather was a circus owner.

According to reports, Jeff still owns Joe's zoo.

Since filming Tiger King, Jeff has decided to build another brand new zoo that will be located in Thackerville, Oklahoma and  due to open in the summer.

Dom Antle

Doc Antle

Doc has been hailed by fans as the "other Tiger King".

He still owns The Institute for Greatly Endangered and Rare Specie aka T.I.G.E.R.S.

It is a a 50-acre wildlife preserve located in South Myrtle Beach.

He also owns Myrtle Beach Safari, a tour that runs through the preserve, offering people up close and personal experience with exotic animals.

T.I.G.E.R.S claims the preserve is "a wildlife preservation organisation dedicated to promoting global conservation education through entertaining and interactive programs."

Travis Maldonado

On Oct. 6, 2017, when Travis was 23 years old, he shot himself in the gift shop of the GW Zoo and died instantly.

His husband Joe Exotic called the incident a "tragic accident" during a news conference, explaining Travis had been fooling around with other staff members and showed them his Ruger pistol.

He incorrectly believed that if he took the magazine out of the gun, it wouldn't fire, even though there was a bullet in the chamber.

He held the gun up to his head to demonstrate this and ended up killing himself – this is shown in episode 5 of the Tiger King.

John Finlay

Throughout the series we heard interviews with Joe Exotic's other husband John Finlay.

We also learnt that John ran off with a woman after leaving Joe.

John is now married to a woman named Stormey Sanders, who runs his Facebook fan page alongside him called called The Truth About John Finlay.

Talking about his wife, he wrote on the social networking site: "She is my wife, more then[sic] I could have ever hoped to find, my soul mate and true love.

"I'm happier then I could have ever hoped to be."

Since filming wrapped, the biggest change of all for John are his new teeth.

He's virtually unrecognisable from his appearance in the documentary, when he pretty much just had one big tooth following his addiction to meth.









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