Tiger King Joe Exotic’s nemesis Doc Antle slams Netflix docuseries as ‘salacious’ and ‘not a documentary’ – The Sun

JOE Exotic's nemesis "Doc" Antle claimed that Tiger King is "salacious" and "not a documentary."

He also claimed that he didn't know he was being filmed for the Netflix docuseries when the cameras were rolling and that he was portrayed unfairly.

In an exclusive interview with TMX.news and obtained by PEOPLE, Doc – whose real name is Bhagavan Antle – slammed the producers of the show.

He said over video: "Remember, this is not a documentary.

"This is a salacious, outrageous ride through a television show produced to create drama, to just tie you into some crazy train wreck of a story between the feud of Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic, and the meltdown that ensued between two people who both are far too close to murder themselves, and I think a little bit of madness thrown in on their parts."


He also alleged that he wasn't aware he was being interviewed for a documentary about the feud between Joe and Carole.

He told his interviewer: "It was not mentioned in any capacity that this show that I was working on would portray anything about Carole or Joe.

"Questions about Carole and Joe were a dozen or so thrown into hundreds of others, and I repeatedly told them I have no desire to be involved in some show where you’ve got the feud of Carole and Joe going on, it’s not my thing, leave me out of it."

The owner of Myrtle Beach Safari – which was visited by stars like Beyonce and Floyd Mayweather – also denied the allegations the producers made about him and the other big cat owners euthanizing the tiger cubs after they grew up, along with the allegations that he practices polyamory and only hires attractive women to work at his safari.

He claimed: "I’m a single guy. My wife died 25 years ago, the mother of my son and daughter, my youngest ones, and I’ve never been married since.

"I have girlfriends, I’m a single guy. This massive judgmentalness [sic] of somehow I’m not supposed to have girlfriends or something is just off my rocker here with how they got to this point.

"They are just looking for something to be outrageous. The girls that they are showing throughout the facility … these are the girls that are the wives of staff who live here, these are my grandchildren, these are my grandchildren’s fiancés, this [is] my son’s fiancée, this is a variety of ladies who devote their time here that are part of a team.

"The team is half men. Did you see any men in the series? They cut them all out to make it appear that this is a girl place."

Doc's criticism of the show comes after many have binge-watched Tiger King amid COVID-19 quarantines.

The documentary dived into the subject of owning wild cats – such as tigers, lions, bobcats, etc – and the rivalry between Carole and Joe.

Joseph Maldonado-Passage claimed that Carole murdered her third husband, Jack "Don" Lewis and fed him to her tigers.

He is currently serving time after being accused of paying a hitman to kill Carole.

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