Tipping Points Ben Shephard frustrated by players final move Didnt think itd happen!

Tipping Point: Ben Shephard says guest's timing is 'shocking'

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Leading from the start, contestant Bev fell short at the worst possible time. Ben Shephard was rooting for the retired grandmother who managed to secure an impressive £3,150 for the final but she unfortunately came undone in the specialist question round.

Starting off very strong, calm and collected, Bev was joined by Amy, Max and Emrys.

The four hopeful applicants were pally with each other, and after a spot of coin stealing, Amy sent Max home at the first stage.

Emrys didn’t last much longer before he followed Max, with Amy eventually joining them.

However, her winning streak came to an abrupt stop at the end of the show; shocked, Ben said: “She was flying in the final there, then suddenly stumbled.  

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“And would you believe it, I can’t, I thought she was gonna get it. The jackpot stayed in the machine.”

Alluding to the fact that she was quite a “partier” and enjoyed her social life, the jackpot would have helped her renovate her “party shed”.

With only three specialist sections left to answer, the jackpot coin was on the lower shelf and inches from cascading down and into Bev’s pocket. 

It looked like it would be an easy win for the quizzer until she had to start guessing the final few answers.

Sadly the nervous guest failed to score any counters in the Food and Drink, Disney and Geography rounds which meant her time on the show was up.

Facing defeat, the game show guest said: “I don’t think there is enough on the top shelf; it’s a big sparse”.

After accepting her prize money, Ben added: “Hopefully, it will go a little way towards tarting up the party shed, maybe a jukebox?

Having played a “brilliant” game, following show protocol, they played the final few coins, but with the money safely cashed.  

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Luckily for her, the jackpot counter did not move

Ahead of getting to the final, Bev did secure the mystery prize, which revealed itself to be a snow cone and slushie maker.

Immediately, fans took to social media to encourage the now somewhat richer Bev to sell it.

Steve Lowe said: “Put it up on eBay, please, Bev”

Regular show tweeter @MissLionHeart added: “S**t mystery prize going straight on eBay! #TippingPoint.”

However, Fran Jacobs thought that the prizes would go down a treat for her and friends: “I’d love a slushie machine.”

Ben ended the show by wishing her all the luck and hope she and her family made good use of the mystery prize.

Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV at 4 pm

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