Tipping Point’s Ben Shephard stunned over contestant’s victory ‘My heart!’

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ITV show Tipping Point sees host Ben Shephard guide players through with a chance to take home a huge sum of money. As ever, it was a close call in tonight’s final round after contestant Sarah managed to make it all the way. She soon stormed her way to victory but the presenter was left gobsmacked by her swift win after it initially looked as though she may have put the chance to win the jackpot in doubt.

Players Sarah, John, Stephen and Debbie were up to face the penny slot-like machine this evening, with only one able to make it through to the last stage. 

Debbie was soon knocked out first after only managing to secure £50 in the first round, leaving just three players remaining. 

After John took the lead ahead of the second round, it was up to him to choose his opponents’ fate as he decided to leave his go until last.

The second round sees the players answer quick-fire questions with 30 seconds to win as many counters as possible to convert into cash from the machine. 


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However, after Stephen failed to keep up with the remaining two contestants, he was eliminated, with it down to John and Sarah to take each other on in the head-to-head.

It looked as though it was going to be John’s day but after he suffered a couple of errors, Sarah managed to take the lead at the last moment. 

Sarah made some two tactical passes, which John both got wrong and cost him his place in the final of tonight’s show. 

Ben had asked the pair: “Pyongyang is the capital of which Asian country,” with Sarah deciding to pass the question onto the opposition. 

John didn’t know the answer and guessed “Vietnam,” with Ben replying: “Is Pyongyang the capital of Vietnam? No, North Korea. 

“Hard luck, does mean we’re going to be losing you, John,” as Sarah got the opportunity to put the last remaining counter into the machine before moving on. 

Sarah confessed the reason she wanted to appear on the show was because her grandad, who recently turned 100, was a massive fan. 

She told Ben: “My grandpa recently turned 100, he religiously watches Tipping Point every day and I wanted him to see one of his grandchildren on the telly.”

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The contestant told the host her relative’s name was Henry before Ben looked to the camera and delivered a message, saying: “Henry! Afternoon Henry, she’s done alright, hasn’t she?”

She soon risked jeopardising her game early on after it looked like the jackpot counter might not lie flat on the shelf. 

Luckily the counter settled but a flustered Ben told the player: “My heart went then, bit stressful!” 

Sarah got off to a flying start in the final and managed to get the jackpot counter onto the bottom shelf after playing just three counters. 

The host remarked: “Three counters in and you’re on the bottom shelf, we are looking very, very tasty right now.”

After getting yet another question correct, Sarah very nearly got the counter over the line, with the host commented: “Going to get close now Sarah.

“Obviously your granddad will have watched a fair few of these and will know how incredible it is to be there with five counters. You’re right there, you’re on the edge of glory.”

It was on her next question she struck gold and despite not knowing the answer, she made a “lucky guess” and on her seventh counter, she bagged the £10,000 prize. 

The host picked the contestant up in excitement after her victory, telling her: “You’ve absolutely smashed it, you haven’t just done it!”

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV. 

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