Too Hot to Handle: Netflix viewers slam finale prize fund twist ‘Awful!’

Over the course of eight sun-soaked episodes, the contestants on Too Hot To Handle battle it out for their share of a $100,000 prize fund. There’s just one catch, however, and that is the musclebound and sunkissed socialites are forbidden from engaging in sexual activity during their time on the Netflix show or risk taking money from the prize fund.


WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Too Hot To Handle.

Fans watched as the likes of Francesca and Harry continually broke the rules while contestants like Kelz and Nicola remained well-behaved.

There was even an official relationship by the end of the series as Sharron and Rhonda became boyfriend and girlfriend.

It wasn’t a happy ending for everyone, however, as Too Hot To Handle’s resident AI, Lana, dismissed of late arrivals Kori and Madison ahead of the finale for showing a lack of growth.

With 10 contestants eagerly gathered on the final day, each of them were keen to see what their efforts would reward from the prize fund.


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As the Netflix series drew to a close, Lana chimed in and revealed all 10 contestants would receive an equal share of the prize pot.

With the $100,000 now reduced to $75,000, it meant everyone headed home with $7,500 in their pocket.

The decision to split the pot equally certainly raised some eyebrows in the resort, with Kelz taking particular issue with the number of rule breaks committed by Harry and Francesca.

Nevertheless, all 10 winners embraced and shared a hug as they said farewell to the resort.

While it may have been a happy and arguably fair result for the final 10, Netflix subscribers at home weren’t as pleased.

Several viewers felt the move to split it equally was “unfair” on those who stuck to the rules throughout.

One fan vented on Twitter: “#TooHotToHandle was entertaining at first but then it got all over the place, Lana and the voice over got really annoying, the storylines weren’t going anywhere and the final was awful ! It’s a 4/10 for me, next!”

A second added: “Anyway, if you like people who do the right thing to win in life, please don’t watch Too Hot To Handle.

“Jesus (Matthew) did not leave the show for this. Bad people get to flunk the rules are rewarded after doing one good deed. Kelz deserves the 75k but yeah, split it.”

Another viewer weighed in: “@netflix made ten people split $75000 as prize money for Too Hot to Handle and i’m dead.”

While a fourth contributed: “Honestly the money should have been split by everyone who didn’t take money away from the pot #TeamKelz #TooHotToHandle.”

And a fifth said: “Too hot to handle ending was actually so s***. Imagine refraining from all sexual acts throughout the 4 weeks just to have to split the money equally with people who constantly broke the rules??”

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Will show bosses opt for a change should season two fo Too Hot To Handle roll around?

As of yet, Netflix is still to officially confirm whether the series has been renewed.

However, considering the global success of season one, fans will be hoping to see the competition once again.

Too Hot To Handle is available to stream on Netflix now.

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