Trevor Noah Examines the Latest COVID-19 Hotspot: Trump's White House

Trevor Noah highlighted the COVID-19 hotspot emerging in the White House on The Daily Show Monday. Plus, he delved into President Donald Trump’s response to being in such close proximity to the virus.

So far, two members of the White House staff have tested positive, Trump’s personal valet and Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary Katie Miller, who’s married to top Trump advisor Stephen Miller. On top of that, the virus has begun to spread among the Secret Service, prompting members to ramp up social-distancing measures and start wearing masks. Although, as Noah jokingly pointed out, “I know this is bad, but the fact that the Secret Service has coronavirus and the president doesn’t just shows you how good they are at doing their jobs.”

In response to the outbreak, more staffers and advisors have entered quarantine and begun working at home, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, while the White House has also stepped up “heightened levels of daily cleaning” — “which is something they haven’t had to do since Bill Clinton lived there,” Noah cracked.

Trump, however, hasn’t changed his attitude at all even as COVID-19 has breached his inner circle. He still refuses to wear a face mask, even when attending a ceremony for the 75th anniversary of victory in Europe in World War II, where there were multiple veterans in their nineties. (At a press conference later, Trump claimed everyone kept a safe distance and argued that the wind was blowing in such a way that “if the plague ever reached [the veterans], I’d be very surprised.”

“Look man, whatever Trump’s excuse was, I just hope all those veterans are safe,” Noah said. “Because can you imagine surviving Hitler only to be taken out by Trump? That would be so anticlimactic. It’d be like if Batman beat Bain — and then died slipping on a banana peel.”

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