'Undercurrent' Trailer Recounts the Story of Missing Journalist Kim Wall

The murder of journalist Kim Wall is at the heart of a new two-part documentary set to air on HBO March 8. The first trailer for Undercurrent: The Disappearance of Kim Wall, directed by Erin Lee Carr, reexamines the shocking event and its aftermath.

Per the official synopsis, the two-part true crime series “tells the story of journalist Kim Wall, who tragically went missing in 2017. She was last seen just prior to interviewing the eccentric entrepreneur Peter Madsen aboard his self-made submarine in Danish waters. Madsen changes his story multiple times during the course of a police investigation that ultimately uncovers the truth: Wall was murdered on the submarine. Madsen is soon put on trial, and a judge is tasked with determining what actually happened on the vessel.”

Part one, titled “The Crime,” will examine what happened to Wall, while part two, titled “The Punishment,” will delve into the judicial process in Denmark and how Madsen was held accountable for the murder. The documentary weaves together trial testimony, expert opinion, never-heard-before audio from Madsen himself, and key interviews with those who knew Wall and Madsen.

The series includes commentary from Royal Denmark Navy Lt. Commander Ditte Dyreborg, Royal Denmark Navy Commander Lars Moller Pedersen; Madsen’s biographer Thomas Djursing; Deputy Chief of Police Mattias Sigfridsson; Journalists Trine Maria Ilsoe, Frank Hvilsom, Julie Thomsen; Oceanographer Torben Vang; and others.

The episodes will air back to back on HBO and will also be available to stream on HBO Max.

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