Vigil fans fume as Line of Duty star Martin Compston dies within minutes of show

Martin Compston, who is one of the main stars in the BBC drama Vigil was sensationally killed off within the first ten minutes of the show.

Martin, who co-stars alongside Gentlemen Jack and Doctor Foster star Suranne Jones, focuses on the events unfolding aboard HMS Vigil.

However, the Scottish actor, who also stars in the popular crime drama Line of Duty, left fans fuming after his quick exit on the show.

Fans took to Twitter to share their reactions to the first-episode of the show.

One person wrote: “That DID NOT just happened in the first 10 minutes!!!” alongside a shocked face emoji.

Another person commented: “That’s so cheeky. BBC: New Martin Compston drama, starring Martin Compston, with Martin Compston.

Vigil: *Martin Compston dies in the first 10 seconds*”

A third person said: “Did they really of @martin_compston in the first 10 minutes after a big social media focus on him?”

A fourth person said: “Thinking about the people that have been martin compston baited tonight.”

Posting a picture of Martin from the show another person said: “6 minutes in & I am blown away by the production value of Vigil! I’m hooked.”

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Sunday (29 August) was the first episode of the six-part thriller series which sees a person go missing and another person die on board of a fictional Royal Navy submarine.

The show is set to be one of the BBC’s biggest dramas of the year and most gripping according to TV critics.

In Sunday night’s episode it sees one crew member dead, played by Martin, where a police detective DCI Amy Silva, played by Suranne, investigate as to who was behind it.

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It sees DCI Silva gets to the bottom of the case where she interviews crew members and get clues to how it had happened while on board the submarine.

Speaking at the show’s launch and talking about the concept of Vigal, Suranne told the BBC: "Being trapped under the water, and Amy having face things she hadn't faced, was a really interesting concept for me – on top of it being a really good cop show.

"We talked about all the different aspects of Amy because I didn't want anything to get lost. It's such a busy script, because of the land investigation and the underwater investigation, and as you'll see, you have to keep up with it because there are a lot of strands to keep on top of, and a lot of characters."

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