Wendy Williams rips Jessica Simpson for letting 8-year-old read memoir, scoffing ‘your daughter seems smarter than you!’ – The Sun

WENDY Williams ripped Jessica Simpson for letting her eight-year-old daughter, Maxwell read her memoir.

The daytime talk show host scoffed "your daughter seems smarter than you!"

Wendy said of the mother of three allowing her eldest daughter to read her memoir, Open Book: "Jessica, you're daughter seems smarter than you."

Jessica told US Weekly she is "open and honest" with her children with husband Eric Johnson, about her past.

The 39-year-old explained: "I hope they can learn from some of my mistakes — but more importantly, learn that no life is perfect, challenges give us tools and it’s learning from our mistakes that makes us stronger.

"There are some topics in the book I don’t think they are mature enough to digest yet, but in due time I will share everything with them.”

In her memoir she revealed at the age of six she was abused by a family member.

She also detailed her years addiction to of alcohol and pills.

But Wendy said sharing all this with an eight-year-old is "not a good idea."

"I understand being open with your kids, but that's a little too open.

"And the girl is a little too young for that."

Wendy's guest, Extra host Billy Bush, also weighed in saying "there's some nuggets in there."

He added Maxwell should, for now, skip over the chapter about her mom's former relationship with musician, John Mayer.

However, the entertainment news anchor argued Maxwell could possibly benefit from Jessica sharing her own former body image issues with her "advanced" daughter.

Billy also said he assumes if Maxwell is reading the memoir, Jessica is nearby to discuss the material.

But Wendy said: "Jessica's busy. She's taking a nap."

Jessica appeared in an Instagram video praising Maxwell: "Ohh my, how in the world are you already reading so fast?"

Maxwell responded: "I'm on the second chapter of your book."

Jessica appearing surprised replied: "Are you? That's amazing.

"Well my book is hard to read."

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