Westworld’s Aaron Paul lifts lid on playing ‘messy’ military veteran Caleb – and teases heavy losses to come – The Sun

WESTWORLD star Aaron Paul has admitted he loves playing a “messy” character on the hit show as it’s a good way to release his emotions.

Paul joined the popular HBO cowboy-themed sci-fi for its third season, which premiered earlier this month.

The Breaking Bad star portrays a human named Caleb, a military veteran struggling to eke out a living in Los Angeles in around 2058, when he crosses paths with Evan Rachel Wood’s avenging android Dolores.

Despite being a happy person in real life, Paul is often cast as darker characters – although he can’t explain why

He told Variety: “I just gravitate toward characters that are just being dragged through the mud, you know? I don’t know why.

“It’s fun for me to zip on a completely different skin than I’m used to wearing on my day-to-day.

“I’m madly in love. I have the most beautiful little baby girl. It’s nice to just get all messy at work”

More than that, Paul says he sees it as a way of getting rid of any stresses he might have in his life.

He added: “I hate saying it, but I feel like it’s a form of emotional release. I’m not crying on a day-to-day [basis] in my life.

“I mean, we’ve all been affected by love and loss in big ways. But I feel very fortunate that I haven’t had to deal with that all that much. So it’s nice to feel these heavy emotions.”

Westworld returned in explosive fashion on Monday night, delivering its signature blend of sci-fi action and mind-boggling twists.

The dystopian drama made an epic comeback after almost a year-and-a-half off screen, taking viewers away from the Wild West-themed park that dominated seasons 1 and 2.

Instead we saw the escaped hosts going about their business in the real world, with a particular focus on Dolores, who is set to lead an infiltration of Delos.

But with much of the world struggling to cope with Coronovirus, and most TV studios shut or working on a reduced basis, Paul revealed the promotion for the latest series had been impacted, and he was taking extra health precautions.

The 40-year-old said: “It’s so wild, what’s happening. This is the kick-off of the press tour of Westworld.

“I was supposed to go to Brazil after the LA premiere. That was cancelled, and then SXSW was cancelled.”

He added: “I’m washing my hands a lot more. But also, I’m kind of into this [puts hands together in prayer motion] and not really this [extends hand for a handshake].

“Just like, you know what, I respect you, but let’s keep our distance. It’s a scary thing. I think it’s good to be clean and safe."

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