When you going to offer your house? Richard Madeley sparks backlash over refugee probe

Richard Madeley questions Matt Hancock's motives

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Matt Hancock joined Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley on GMB to discuss the Government’s Home for Ukraine scheme and the former Health Secretary revealed he “warmly welcomed” the proposal and is prepared to house a family of five. However, the interview sparked a backlash as viewers turned their attention to whether Madeley and Reid would be doing the same. 

@philm2244 commented: “Richard seems to enjoy belittling those willing to help while he sits in the nice, warm studio far away from Russian bombs. Stop patronising those willing to help, no matter how simple their help seems, it is help. #GMB.”

@TonySpinola2 pointed out: “@GMB you talk about taking in refugees, Richard Madeley has a second home how many is he housing and yoyrself.” (sic)

“@GMB how many people are Suesanna & Richard taking in? If they are so concerned I’m sure they can have few families,” @Ces129tw agreed. (sic).

“@GMB I wonder is suzanna and Richard being part of the sponsor scheme and taking in a refugee… viewers would love to know,” @Ianmide remarked. (sic)

@RDWinter3 probed: “How many are Richard and Susannah taking in them #gmb.”

@Natalie14733419 questioned: “Is Richard not giving out his spares room #gmb?” (sic)

More to follow…

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