Where is Ken Barlow's retirement home and how far is it from Coronation Street?

CORONATION Street fans were devastated when soap legend Ken Barlow announced he was upping sticks and leaving the cobbles after 60 years.

But viewers needn't worry as he clearly plans to live the high life in a luxury retirement home in the Cheshire countryside. Here’s everything you need to know about Ken’s new digs on the ITV soap…

Where is Ken Barlow’s retirement home?

Last month, Ken bid an emotional farewell to the cobbles as he departed to move into the luxury care home known as Still Waters retirement village. 

The retirement home is set at Colshaw Hall Country estate in the Cheshire countryside. 

In real life the 300 acre estate is an exclusive and lavish wedding venue, which can cost anywhere between a hefty £3,500 and £12,000 per night. 

Ken and Claudia will be living in luxury at the rustic venue as it comes complete with beautiful gardens, a cocktail bar, book club and even fencing lessons. 

How is Ken affording the five star retirement home?

Corrie viewers have been left baffled as to how Ken is affording the ‘luxury five star’ care home, given his property history and the fact he used to work as a teacher. 

Corrie viewers know that Ken sold his house in Coronation Street for around £120,000 because Tracy and Peter set out on the warpath against each other to buy it.  

Fans flocked to Twitter to express their shock at Ken’s new home.

One fan tweeted: “How on earth can Ken and Norris afford a home like that! #Corrie.”

Another added: “#Corrie how the heck could Ken afford that care home?? He only has a terrace house to sell lol. Teachers pension that good??”

How are the residents being scammed at the care home?

After Ken announced he was leaving to move into the care home, viewers were shocked when soap legend Norris – who’s also moved into the home – popped up to warn Ken that not all is as it seems at the retirement complex. 

The former shop owner told Ken that fellow resident Charles is ripping off the residents with extortionate fines. 

Sure enough, Ken is going to experience Charles’ dodgy dealings first hand next week when he tries to smuggle his dog Eccles into the home. 

Eagle-eyed Charles is quick to issue him with a fine for breaking the rules. 

But Ken doesn’t take kindly to the scam, and confronts Charles about his behaviour. 

Later, Ken demands a copy of the Residents’ rulebook. 

But Charles insists that isn't possible as they’re waiting for a new edition to be printed. 

Ken refuses to back down and suggests it’s time the Residents’ Chair was put up for a re-election. 

Is there going to be an explosive showdown between Ken and Charles?

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