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MARY Killen and Giles Wood have become firm favourites of Gogglebox viewers thanks to their quirky-selves.

Here's the lowdown on the couple and their life as professional telly watchers.

Who are Giles Wood and Mary Killen and what do they do for a living?

Mary and Giles are a married couple living in Wiltshire.

They met when they were just 21, when Giles was studying at Wimbledon Art School and Mary was working as a model.

Before their Gogglebox debut, Giles dedicated his life to art and is an acclaimed artist, while Mary is a journalist whose columns feature in a number of different publications.

Mary is credited as being an etiquette expert and in 2012 she published a book called How The Queen Can Make You Happy.

When did Giles and Mary join Gogglebox?

The couple joined Gogglebox in 2015 for the fifth series and have been an integral part of the much-loved Channel 4 show ever since.

Fans have fallen in love with their quirky views, eccentric style choices and their adorable nicknames for each other.

They can regularly be heard on-screen referring to each other as 'Nutty' during Gogglebox episodes.

Mary has spoken out about finding fame on Gogglebox; in a column for The Spectator she explained: "The public's reaction is entirely benign. People approach me, their faces wreathed in smiles. 'You're Mary from Gogglebox, aren't you? I just want to say – your husband makes us laugh."

Why do Giles and Mary call each other 'nutty'?

Ever since they burst onto the scene, viewers have adored the way they call each other "nutty".

However, it turns out neither of them actually remember why they started calling each other it in the first place.

This is a shame, as we REALLY need to know.


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