‘Work it out!’ Tipping Point’s Ben Shephard fumes at contestants ‘basic maths f*** up’

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Tipping Point welcomed Alan, Beth, Jo-An and Peter into the studio today to play the popular gameshow alongside host Ben Shephard. After Peter and Beth were wiped out in rounds one and two, it was down to Jo-An and Alan to go head to head in an attempt to make it through to the final and take some money home. But when they were asked one question, Ben and viewers were shocked by the answer given.


After accumulating the most amount of money, Jo-An was asked the first question and was initially hesitant in answering it. 

Ben asked: “What is one hundred multiplied by one hundred?” 

After a few moments of silence passed, Ben said: “You can pass this to Alan if you’re not sure.” 

Jo-An then looked to Alan who was standing next to her on another podium but she still didn’t give Ben an answer. 

He prompted: “Or you could just work it out, you’ve got enough fingers.” 


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Finally, the contestant said: “The answer… I think I know, I hope I know – is 100,000.” 

Turning to her competition, Ben questioned: “Alan, what would you have said.” 

“I would’ve said 10,000 – I think!” ITV viewers saw him answer and Ben continued: “You would’ve said 10,000!” 

Worried, Jo-An remarked: “Have I put too many noughts on?” 

“Jo-An, have you put one too many noughts on the end? Is the answer 100,000?” Ben asked the board. 

The studio then turned red and he added: “The answer is 10,000.” 

Those watching at home were furious with Jo-An not attempting to work it out properly and took to Twitter to complain. 

One said: “She doesn’t know what 100×100 is? Ffs!  #TippingPoint.” 

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“How can people not know what 100 times by 100 be? #tippingpoint,” another said. 

Someone else wrote online: “Wow, Jo-An said 100 X 100 is 100,000 after she spent a whole minute trying to figure it out #tippingpoint.” 

“Basic maths f*** up #TippingPoint,” a tweet read. 

Another fan added: “She thinks 100 x 100 is 100,000…. f****** christ alive!!! #tippingpoint.”


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As for how the rest of the game played out, despite her inability to answer mathematical questions correctly, it was Jo-An who made it to the final. 

With £2850 Ben asked her: “Would you like to trade or take the money?” 

“I’ve had a brilliant day, I’ll stick with what I got,” she replied and it was the right decision as she didn’t win the jackpot counter when the end played out. 

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV. 

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