Youre uncomfortable BBC Breakfast host skewers Tory MP over PMs comments in Blackpool

BBC host slams Robert Halfon for PM's Blackpool comments

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Speaking on Saturday at the Conservative Party Spring Conference in Blackpool’s Winter Gardens, Prime Minister Boris Johnson caused outrage among some opponents of Brexit after he compared the resistance of the Ukrainian people to Russia’s invasion to the UK’s decision to leave the EU. BBC Breakfast host Mason spoke with Halfon on Saturday over the remarks but the Tory MP refused to give a straight answer causing the newsreader to snap: “You’re uncomfortable”.

When asked about the comments, Halfon explained: “I would have said that Britain is a vibrant democracy. 

“And the Ukrainians want to remain [a] vibrant democracy as well, which of course, the Russians are trying to stop with their, you know, horrific actions in their invasion.”

Mason followed up with: “Sorry to pursue this for just one more moment but I just want on behalf of our viewers, for you to be clear here.

“It sounds like you’re uncomfortable with the language the Prime Minister used and it’s not the language you would use yourself.”

Responding to the newsreader, Halfon remarked: “What I’ve said is that the way I sort from what I’ve heard only on the media of these remarks was the Prime Minister was saying that Britain is a vibrant democracy. 

“We’ve had a referendum, Ukraine is a vibrant democracy and everyone has the right to remain so.

“Yeah, as far as I’m concerned, that’s what it was about,” he told the BBC host. 

However, Mason slammed: “An insult to every Ukrainian? 

“Offending Ukrainians, you don’t share that view?” he asked. 

Halfon hit back: “Absolutely not. No, I think the Ukrainians will be looking at what Britain has done in practice.

“200 million pounds of aid [and] as I’ve said, providing them with military support.”

The MP continued: “The president addressing the presence of Ukraine, addressing the House of Commons, I think we should be proud of everything we’ve done in Ukraine. 

“I think that’s what people will focus on, rather than some remarks at a spring conference.”

Diverting the conversation, Mason pointed out: “Let’s talk about the cost of living. 

“This is something you’ve campaigned on for years and years and years, but beyond just this, this current real focus on it as an issue.

“We’ll get the front page of The Mail on Sunday. Rishi’s reference, the Chancellor, ‘My mission to slash your tax’, just as tax is going through the roof, the tax burden, [is] the highest it’s been in decades,” he said. 

He asked: “How confident are you that there might be something coming on Wednesday that doesn’t amount to a tax cut that helps millions of people really struggling with the cost of living at the moment?”

Halfon told the TV presenter: “I very much hope so because this isn’t just a normal time when people are worried about one government measure or another. 

“There is real fear out there, people are really terrified about the literal triple whammy that they are facing whether it is petrol and diesel costs at the pumps. 

The high energy bills and also general household bills as well and that’s why it’s absolutely vital that the government cuts fuel duty or VAT on fuel because it’s unsustainable for millions of people up and down the country,” he shared. 

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