Airbnb customer’s leg suffers flesh-eating wound and balloons ‘twice the size’ from horror spider bite as he slept – The Sun

AN Airbnb customer has spoken of how he was bitten by a spider as he slept, leaving him with a flesh-eating wound and a leg that ballooned "twice its size".

Florida man Chad Jones, 33, says he has been forced to quit his job after being bitten by the horror spider when he was staying in an Airbnb between apartments.

Chad recalled: "I remember sitting there Sunday night watching TV.

"I was getting ready to go to bed because I had to go to work in the morning, then I felt something prick my leg.

"I didn’t think anything of it."

The following morning Chad said he woke up in minor discomfort and assumed the small lump on his leg was an ingrown hair.

After starting work in the warehouse as usual at 7am, his pain grew, until a couple of hours later when he leg began to swell.

"My leg had swollen up to twice its normal size – I couldn’t walk anymore either, there was pain shooting up the right side of my body, and my leg was super-hot to the touch," he said.

And Chad’s condition was set to deteriorate further.

"I went to my doctor they took some swabs and gave me antibiotics and pain medicine since I didn’t see what bit me nobody really knows what it was.

"By this time it was purple and nasty looking and even more painful.

"The pain pills they gave me weren’t even helping so I went back to the doctor – he referred me to a specialist, and when I finally get to the specialist they took one look at my bite and immediately said I needed surgery.

"They cut a decent size hole in the side of my leg to get all the dead tissue and muscle out.

"Then, instead of stitching it up, I had to pack it myself every day.

When I finally get to the specialist they took one look at my bite and immediately said I needed surgery.

"I had to clean the hole in my leg then get some clean gauze and stuff it in there – it was some of the nastiest most painful stuff I have had to do ever."

Chad returned to work a few months later, but standing for extended periods was intolerably painful.

"Once I started getting back into a regular routine, I reached out to Airbnb to let them know what happened and to see if maybe they could help with my medical bills – and help me get back some of the thousands of dollars I had spent on getting healthy.

"After about a month of arguing back and forth, they finally told me that since I cannot prove that it happened there, they won't help, even though I have the timeline from my doctors and pictures."

Worse still, the cause of the bite – a brown recluse spider – was admitted to by the homeowner.

"The Airbnb I was staying at had a compost garden in the back and, the owner even said he has seen brown recluse spiders back there.

"Airbnb made me go get doctors notes and all my hospital records, only to tell me that I didn’t report it within 24 hours of it happening so they were not going to help me out.

"I tried to explain like within that 24 hours I was scared and in so much pain I couldn’t even think."

Chad set up my GoFundMe page to help pay back his parents for all the hospital bills that had piled up.

He describes feeling "worthless" at not being able to help himself, saying, "I don’t wish it on anybody."

SunOnline reached out to Airbnb for comment.

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