Amazon, Target, Whole Foods and Walmart workers walking off the job TODAY over ‘lack of coronavirus protection’ – The Sun

AMAZON, Whole Foods and Target workers are staging a walkout today because of a lack of protective gear against coronavirus.  

Employees from the retail giants will walk off the job or call out sick on what is International Workers' Day in cities across the US. 

Demonstrations are planned in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and other cities. 

The workers say they are frontline workers during the pandemic and are demanding proper protective gear and measures against the highly infectious and killer Covid-19 bug. 

They are also calling for cleaning supplies, unpaid time off work, hazard pay and sick leave.

Flawed policies by employers, they say, have been causing some of their co-workers to contract the virus.

The US has recorded more than 63,000 deaths so far with in excess of one million infected. 

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