Amazon VP rips company’s ‘chickens**t firing of coronavirus whistleblowers’ in open letter after ‘quitting in dismay’ – The Sun

AN AMAZON engineer and vice president has ripped the company's "chickens**t firing of coronavirus whistleblowers" in an open letter after he "quit in dismay".

Tim Bray quit on Friday, after working for the e-commerce giant for over five years, due to their handling of the pandemic.

After his resignation, Bray published an open letter titled "Bye, Amazon" on his personal blog explaining his decision.

Bray, who worked as a VP for Amazon Web Services, wrote: "I quit in dismay at Amazon firing whistleblowers who were making noise about warehouse employees frightened of Covid-19."

He continued to say that he is feeling "pretty blue" about leaving the role, which he dubbed "the best job I've ever had."

He even admitted that his resignation will "probably cost me over a million (pre-tax) dollars."

However, the tech whiz said that the company's treatment of its employees during the COVID-19 era is what made him "snap".

Bray detailed six of the employees who were fired and accused the company of racial and gender descrimination.

He wrote: "I’m sure it’s a coincidence that every one of them is a person of color, a woman, or both. Right?"

Bray then went on to provide some curse-filled adjectives "you might use to describe the activist-firing."

"Chickens**t", "Designed to create a climate of fear," and "Like painting a sign on your forehead saying 'Either guilty, or had something to hide'," were included in the list.

The former VP described the company's decision to fire employees as "poison."

"Firing whistleblowers isn’t just a side-effect of macroeconomic forces, nor is it intrinsic to the function of free markets.

"It’s evidence of a vein of toxicity running through the company culture. I choose neither to serve nor drink that poison," he wrote.

Bray signed off the post by detailing that, although he has no current career prospects, he is "breathing more freely".

Amazon declined to comment.

Last month, Amazon fired a worker who demanded greater protections for employees who were exposed to the coronavirus at a New York warehouse.

Chris Smalls, a 31 year old procession assistant, organized a walkout from the company's Staten Island facility.

However, Amazon said in a statement to The Sun that Smalls was fired for violating social distancing guidelines.

Amazon is one of the biggest companies working on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

As people are urged to stay home to prevent the spread of the virus, the company has seen a swift rise in orders — pushing the company to seek 100,000 additional workers.

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