Australian couple bought 2,000 rolls of toilet paper and made a throne

An Australian family have built a ‘throne’ made of toilet paper after mistakenly buying far more loo roll than they bargained for.

With fears around coronavirus causing people to panic buy supplies, the Queensland household mistakenly bought 48 boxes of toilet paper, rather than 48 rolls.

The family-of-six, from Toowoomba, decided to build walls and thrones with their expensive haul – and started a ‘very crappy’ fundraiser for a ‘year 6 camp’, by selling the rolls.

Chris, 35, and Haidee Janetzki, 33, were more than a little shocked when the boxes turned up at their home. Not knowing what to do with 2,306 rolls of paper, and down $3,260 (more than £1,600), the family decided to see the funny side of their predicament.

Initially building a sturdy looking wall with their supplies, the family suggested that with the concerned about supplies, they had inadvertently become ‘royalty’ – and so decided to play up to the tag.

Using the toilet paper as a throne, Haidee, complete with toilet paper crown and sceptre, was shocked to find that the family’s predicament had gone viral.

She said: ‘We were shocked of course, but it was such a ridiculous product to have so much of. It’s a 12-year supply at our current rate of usage.

‘The wall came out of a need to make the boxes take up as little space as possible so we could fit the car back in the garage.

‘The throne was because in the current toilet paper shortage we have a mountain of it as if we’re royalty.’

Haidee continued: ‘People can’t believe we did such a stupid thing. People can’t believe we didn’t notice the credit card charge, now that there’s a shortage people can’t believe it was a genuine mistake.

‘The company offered to take them back and refund us but we had already started to sell it

‘The kids are excited about being famous and going viral.’

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