Australian news channel accidentally uses ‘huge penis’ meme in weather report

AN Aussie TV channel whipped up a storm when it was duped into screening an x-rated image of a porn star during coverage of a tornado.

Win News in Ballarat, Victoria, had innocently asked its viewers to send in any clips of the twister they had managed to capture on their mobile phones.

However, cheekily "hidden" inside one of the clips featured was an outrageous image showing a well-endowed merged into the clouds.

Newsreader Bruce Roberts clearly had no idea he was at the centre of a "huge penis" prank as he read his report.

However, eagle-eyed viewers soon spotted someone had photoshopped an explicit meme in the background to show up in a lightning strike.

The picture is of dead porn star Wardy Joubert III and is off an outrageous image which is sweeping the world dubbed the 'huge penis meme'.

Win News promptly removed the clip from Facebook but not before it had been seen thousands of times.

Not surprisingly people were quick to stick the boot in.

"Local news didn’t check their sources for last night’s storm," one person wrote.

"Nothing to do in Ballarat except for pranking the news," another added.

While another chirped: "Mother nature at its finest. You don't see that every day. I'm still laughing."

If you are not aware of the meme, it features a photo of Wardy – known as Woody – sitting naked on a bed.

Messages claiming to contain breaking news about coronavirus instead link to a picture of him in all his glory.

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