Bernie Sanders to ‘assess’ campaign after Joe Biden sweeps primaries

WASHINGTON — Bernie Sanders will “assess” his bid for the White House after getting thumped by Joe Biden in the latest round of primaries, his campaign manager said Wednesday.

“The next primary contest is at least three weeks away,” campaign manager Faiz Shakir said in a statement.

“Sen. Sanders is going to be having conversations with supporters to assess his campaign,” he added.

“In the immediate term, however, he is focused on the government response to the coronavirus outbreak and ensuring we will take care of the working people and the most vulnerable.”

The 80-year-old self-described socialist has yet to make a statement after he took a drubbing Tuesday in Florida, Illinois and Arizona, where Biden pulled away with an enormous delegate lead — 1,147 to 861.

Sanders is facing mounting pressure to exit the race amid the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

“His campaign is undeniably dead and voters will undeniably die if he doesn’t do the human thing and drop out now,” one top Bloomberg adviser told The Post.

Former rival Andrew Yang also called on Sanders to suspend his campaign for the sake of public health.

“At this point it’s not wise to encourage people to head to the polls,” Yang said on CNN on Wednesday morning.

“This race is essentially frozen where it is. Everyone can see where it’s heading and I certainly don’t think Bernie and his supporters want to endanger anyone, but that’s the situation we’re in,” he said.

Multiple states have postponed their primary contests after the government warned against gatherings larger than 10 people.

Pete Buttigieg national press secretary Chris Meagher also cautioned Sanders against splitting the Democratic vote.

“Bernie has to sit down and decide if it’s worth continuing this battle or if it’s time to stop and unify the party,” Meagher told The Post.

“There was a lot of grumbling in 2016 that he stayed in the race too long, so that’s something he’s going to have to think about,” he added.

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