Biden triumphs on mini-Super Tuesday after winning Michigan and two other states as socialist Bernie’s campaign crumbles – The Sun

JOE Biden scored early victories in Michigan, Mississippi and Missouri on mini-Super Tuesday as socialist Bernie Sanders' campaign crumbles.

Biden, 77, has come out on top during the Dems' two-man race to take on Donald Trump for the Oval Office as voters cast their ballot in six states on March 10.

The results for three states came in tonight after Michigan, Washington State, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho and North Dakota voters took to the ballot box.

During Biden's winning streak, his former presidential rival Andrew Yang has endorsed him live on air tonight, describing him as a "decent man" on CNN.

Michigan was the biggest prize of the night, with the state delivering a total of 125 delegates – by far the most of any of the six up for grabs on Tuesday.

Biden's remarkable resurgence since his Super Tuesday victory last week has been in spite of repeated gaffes on his campaign – including mixing up his sister and his wife during last week's victory speech.

The result has dealt a serious blow to Sanders, who is urgently seeking to jump-start his rapidly flagging campaign.

He could still get a boost later in the night in Idaho, North Dakota or Washington state but fewer delegates were at stake than in Mississippi, Missouri and Michigan, where Biden galvanized working-class voters and African Americans.

Trump is set to carry the Republican primaries in five of these states with ease and has also won Mississippi, Missouri, and Michigan.

After Biden his time, the former Obama aide came out on top with support from black voters who ensured his win in Mississippi, a largely African American state.

According to CNN exit polls, 66 percent of black voters in Michigan and 69 percent of black voters in Missouri voted for Biden.

Sanders basically handed the southern state to Biden after bowing out of his Jackson appearance.

The more delegates Biden gets in Mississippi, the better chance he has of stopping socialist Sanders from making a comeback.

The former Vice President also won over voters in Missouri where a fifth of the state’s Democratic electorate is black.

Although Sanders has strong support from Latino communities, the Vermont senator has struggled to garner support from African Americans, unlike his Dem rival.

Biden won Missouri four years ago but Sanders lost the "Show Me State" to Hillary Clinton, which highlights his inability to expand his voting base.

Both men were focused intensely on Michigan where Sanders scored an upset that lent much-needed credibility to his 2016 primary challenge of Hillary Clinton.

It's also where Trump's 10,000-vote victory was so narrow, desperate Dems want to show they have the strength to flip it back.

But Biden has been rallying autoworkers and touting a fresh round of high-profile endorsements there over the past few weeks.

But Sanders could get a boost in Idaho, North Dakota or Washington state, where polls haven't yet closed.

While the Dem battle rages on, so too does the coronavirus outbreak which scuppered both of their scheduled appearances in Ohio tonight.

The Democratic National Committee also said that Sunday's debate between Sanders and Biden would be conducted without an audience.

In the meantime, a win for Biden might show his party he can do it again against Trump in November.

Sanders hopes to block Biden from piling up a wide lead in delegates to the Democratic National Convention this summer in Milwaukee.

But Biden – who has amassed huge support from the party in recent days – ticked off the names of six former presidential rivals who have endorsed him just in the past week, saying he is "the candidate that they think can win."

He's campaigned with Senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, and appeared with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer – possible vice presidential picks if Biden wins.

Speaking about his endorsement of Biden on CNN, Yang said: "We have to actually start doing the work that activated people to vote for Donald Trump, that activated people to get out and vote for Bernie Sanders.
"I believe Joe is open to that message. His heart's in the right place. He's a really patriotic public servant, decent man."

The turnaround is remarkable for Biden, who lagged behind Sanders just two weeks ago and experienced numerous gaffes on the campaign trail.

He recently snapped at a Detroit worker who accused him of trying to end Americans' Second Amendment Rights, saying "you're full of sh**!"

But his rival Sanders has insisted he won't drop out of the race if today doesn't go well, claiming he's "battling the Democratic establishment."

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