Border Force officials not wearing masks or social distancing at Dover

Border Force officials fail to wear coronavirus facemasks or follow social distancing rules as they process latest group of migrants caught trying to cross Channel

  • Workers were pictured less than 6ft apart from one another at Port of Dover 
  • They collected a group of migrants off the coast at Folkstone, Kent in early hours
  • Border officials were not wearing any protective equipment amid virus outbreak 
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Border Force officials processing migrants at the UK border are not wearing facemasks or practicing social distancing. 

A number of workers were pictured without the right protective gear at Dover this morning.

Workers in high-visibility jackets were seen crowded together, less than 6ft apart from one another, after picking up a group of migrants off the coast at Folkestone.

Border Force employees are ‘key workers’ allowed to continue doing their jobs throughout the coronavirus outbreak, which has already killed 1,789 in Britain.

But the Government has issued strict guidance on those who are still going to work, insisting they must stay at least six feet apart from one another and wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Border Force officials are pictured without masks processing migrants at Dover this morning after picking a group up off the coast at Folkestone, Kent 

Border Force workers are also pictured not following the Government’s social distancing rules at Dover this morning

Last week a group of 95 migrants, including nine children, were taken to the Port of Dover before being handed over to immigration officers.

They were tested for COVID-19 with calls for any migrants to be put straight into quarantine at immigration centres. 

The Home Office said in a statement at the time: ‘All the cases from today will be dealt with according to the immigration rules, with detention used where appropriate.

‘Coronavirus is not having an impact on our operational response to clandestine incidents and we still have the resources to deal with it.’

They have not yet commented on today’s cases. 

Key workers such as Border Force officials are allowed to continue work during the coronavirus outbreak, but are expected to wear masks. These workers today were not 

A migrant is pictured being led away by a Border Force official at Dover this morning 

One Border Force employee is pictured processing a migrant found off the coast of Folkestone, Kent this morning not wearing a mask 

Another Border Force employee is seen leading a migrant away with no facemask or PPE 

The group of migrants were picked up off the coast at Folkestone in the early hours of Wednesday and brought back to Dover for processing on this boat 

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