Boris Johnson vows to 'reverse' coronvirus outbreak in care homes

Boris Johnson vows to reverse the coronavirus epidemic in care homes and the NHS but admits there is ‘much more to be done’

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Boris Johnson tonight vowed to ‘reverse rapidly’ the coronavirus outbreaks raging in Britain’s care homes.

In his address to the nation this evening, the Prime Minister said there is ‘much more work to be done’ in tackling the ‘awful epidemics’ in both care homes and in the NHS. 

The virus has devastated homes for the elderly, with experts warning cases are pushing up the UK’s average transmission rate and are providing one of the biggest barriers to lifting the lockdown. 

The government has come under increasing pressure for its handling of the care home crisis, which has cost the lives of thousands of elderly residents. 

In his speech tonight, the Prime Minister acknowledged the horrific impact of the virus on care homes and said: ‘We must reverse rapidly the awful epidemics in care homes and in the NHS, and though the numbers are coming down sharply now, there is plainly much more to be done.’

Boris Johnson said tonight that more needs to be done to reverse the coronavirus outbreak in care homes

Mr Johnson added that increased testing will help to tackle the outbreaks in both settings. 

He said: ‘If we are to control this virus, then we must have a world-beating system for testing potential victims, and for tracing their contacts.

‘So that – all told – we are testing literally hundreds of thousands of people every day.

‘We have made fast progress on testing – but there is so much more to do now, and we can.’ 

Officials have previously warned that levels of coronavirus infection are likely to be at least five times higher among hospital and care home staff than in the wider population.

They are ‘particularly worried’ about healthcare workers picking up the disease and spreading it among the wider community or to other patients. 

Ministers have been told they need to ‘get on top’ of this urgently before the lockdown can be lifted.

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