Dennis Rodman describes partying with Kim Jong-un surrounded by ‘hotties and vodka’ on Mike Tyson’s Hot Boxin’ podcast – The Sun

DENNIS Rodman has revealed how he partied on at his pal Kim Jong-un's secret lair — with help from copious "hotties and vodka".

The Basketball legend, now 58, cemented his bromance with Kim while he was an ambassador for the US to North Korea in 2013.

Jong-un initially wanted Dennis' former Chicago Bulls teammate Michael Jordan, but he turned the North Korean leader down.

And thanks to this quirk of fate, Rodman was to find himself the guest of the party animal autocrat.

He said: "I've seen the military, I've seen the missiles, I've seen everything."

The 58-year-old described their first meeting on Mike Tyson's podcast, Hotboxin'.

When he arrived in North Korea, the security presence made him feel like he had been arrested.

But little did he know he was on his way to meet mystery man Kim Jong-un in the flesh. 

Arriving at a basketball arena, he was walked to a long row of king-style chairs.

He said: "Next thing I know, 22,000 North Koreans all stand up and start clapping. 

"It was loud clapping and they're cheering and I'm thinking they were doing it for me.

"So I wave and someone tells me: 'No, that's for him' and points at Kim Jong Un. 

"I asked 'Who is that guy?' and they told me 'that's our leader', so I asked… 'leader of what?"

Let's have dinner tonight, a little karaoke and have some vodka, some hotties' and stuff like that

Soon he was the company of Kim, who spoke via interpreters.

Rodman said: "He asked 'You like my country?' and I said 'yeah, it's fine, it's cool, it's okay'."

The dictator then told him: "We asked Michael Jordan to come but he wouldn't come so we asked you."

The two immediately bonded over their shared passion for basketball. 

And when it was time to go, the North Korean leader invited him back to his lair for a wild night partying — Kim-Jong-un style. 

Kim told Rodman: "Let's have dinner tonight, a little karaoke and have some vodka, some hotties' and stuff like that".

Rodman said: “Next thing I know, we are having dinner and we are drunk as s***, he starts singing karaoke and I have no clue what the f*** he's talking about.

"Everyone starts clapping and then he has this 18-piece girl band come out and these girls are hot but they just played one song. 

"Just one f***ing song. It was the theme from Dallas."

Rodman’s bonding session with Kim paved the way for several more visits to North Korea.

In 2019 he approached President Trump about letting him step in to strengthen diplomatic ties with the pariah state amid rising tensions over its nuclear ambitions.

Last week Rodman gave his verdict after weeks of frenzied speculation on the dictator's health after claims he was dead or gravely ill following heart surgery.

It came after North Korean state media released footage of Kim with a bizarre "needle mark" on his wrist, although the lack of anything to date it means the rumors have not been put to bed.

Rodman said he does not believe reports his friend was incapacitated.

He told the New York Post: "It probably wasn’t much.

"I’ve been to dinner with dignitaries there that were reported to be dead here.

"I don’t believe North Korean news until I hear it from their side.

"I think the fact that they keep to themselves, in many ways, gives the media the ability to run with rumours at times."

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