‘Doomsday’ mom’s husband Chad Daybell allegedly worked as a gravedigger

The husband of doomsday-obsessed mom Lori Vallow had a previous career as a gravedigger, and even wrote about the details of the vocation in a book he authored, reports said Thursday.

Chad Daybell, who was arrested this week after cops found the remains of Vallow’s two children buried in his back yard, penned a 2001 book titled “One Foot in the Grave: The Strange But True Adventures of a Cemetery Sexton,” The Sun reported.

Daybell, a Latter Day Saint author who’s written more than two dozen novels, dedicated a whole chapter to the myths behind gravedigging and wrote bodies were “rarely” buried in the wrong place, the outlet, which reviewed the book, said.

“A sexton knows his cemetery like the back of his hand, and a good-one will double check himself as he begins digging each new grave. Mistakes are extremely rare, and almost impossible,” Daybell wrote, who was arrested as investigators found the remains buried in his yard Tuesday. The bodies were later IDed as the children on Wednesday.

Daybell, who’s being held on a $1 million bail for two felony counts of concealing, destroying or altering evidence, dished on industry “secrets” he learned toiling in the trade, writing sextons don’t dig graves “deeper than we have to.”

“Sad times are always when you have to bury babies,” Daybell wrote.

“That’s always a poignant moment.”

Further, the Idaho resident wrote he “couldn’t really exaggerate or fabricate any of these stories.”

“They’re just too bizarre,” he scribed.

He wondered in the tomb whether “death isn’t still playing games in another realm” and was known to frequently discuss near-death experiences and visions he had with friends, the outlet said.

Daybell and his wife, Vallow, have risen to international infamy after the mom’s two kids, 17-year-old Tylee Ryan and 7-year-old Joshua “JJ” Vallow, went missing last year.

The couple, known to be part of the doomsday cult Preparing with People that aims to “help prepare the people of this earth for the second coming of Jesus Christ,” absconded to Hawaii and are now both in custody.

Investigators served Daybell with a search warrant Tuesday, took him into custody and announced the discovery of the remains later that day.

He was charged Wednesday and a few hours later, relatives of the kids confirmed the remains belonged to the missing children.

Fremont County prosecutor Rob Wood hinted during Daybell’s initial court appearance that upgraded charges could be forthcoming.

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