Evelyn Mae Boswell’s mom had ‘expected’ reaction when being told remains were found in search for missing daughter – The Sun

THE mom of Evelyn Mae Boswell was “obviously upset” when she was told days ago that police believe they found the 15-month-old girl’s remains, her lawyer said.

Brad Sproles, a court-appointed attorney, said he told Megan Boswell “as a service to the court and her” about what investigators discovered on her family’s property in Tennessee.

“This is a tragic situation any way you look at it so her reaction was somewhat to be expected,” Sproles told WJHL.

He had attended a press conference held by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) and the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office, where they revealed the devastating news.

Sproles said afterward, he visited Boswell, 18, and spoke “with her to make her aware.”

“As far as I know from what she indicated to me, no one had told her until I got there.”

Boswell had been charged with filing a false police report on February 25 after cops say she gave them inaccurate and conflicting statements and delayed their investigation into Evelyn’s disappearance.

Sproles had been appointed Boswell’s lawyer after she was but the appointment ended when the case surrounding the false police report charge was bound over to a grand jury.

After a 17-day search across three states, police announced Friday they believe they found Evelyn’s remains.

After acting on a tip — of which they received at least 800 — investigators said they found the human remains on a property in Blountville owned by one of Boswell’s relatives.

Evelyn was last seen in December, according to police, but wasn’t reported missing until February 18, which was when an Amber Alert was issued in search of her.

Cops said Boswell originally told them her daughter Evelyn was with her dad, Ethan Perry — but they soon realized he was stationed with the U.S. Army at Fort Polk in Louisiana and didn’t have Evelyn.

Boswell later said her mom, Angela Boswell, took Evelyn to a campground in Mendota, Virginia, but cops found no sign of the girl in the area.

Angela Boswell was arrested a week before Megan Boswell was taken into custody.

She and her boyfriend, William McCloud, were arrested in North Carolina on fugitive warrants unrelated to Evelyn’s case.

Megan Boswell’s bail remains at $25,000 after a judge rejected a request from her lawyer to lower it because of a lack of a previous criminal record.

The lawyer waived a preliminary hearing and the case was sent to a grand jury, with her next appearance scheduled for early May.

The TBI believed Megan and Angela Boswell had information about Evelyn’s whereabouts.

Barry Staubus, Sullivan County’s district attorney general, said Friday their investigation into Evelyn’s disappearance wasn’t over.

“Based on what's happened tonight, there's a lot of work to be done: forensically and just old-fashioned investigative work.”

The remains found Friday were undergoing an autopsy and positive identification.

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