Extreme turbulence leaves plane passengers screaming in terror as panic spreads through cabin

PLANE passengers screamed in terror when their jet was hit by severe turbulence this weekend.

Harrowing footage shows seats violently shaking on the IndiGo flight from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to Kashmir, India, on Saturday.

Panic gripped those on board as the jet began to shudder around ten minutes before it was due to touch down, Mirror Online reported.

Passengers can be heard screaming as the aircraft suddenly lurches.

One person on board said: “A couple of times it shook dangerously, which panicked passengers – especially the elderly who lost their balance despite having seatbelts on.”

They told how fear spread through the cabin as the crew desperately tried to keep people calm.

The shaking is said to have continued for two whole minutes with more than one dramatic lurch.


The passenger added: “(Those on board) were seen loudly praying and amongst them women cried when the plane shook heavily.

“Many recited verses from the Holy Quran.”

When the flight eventually landed safely at Srinagar's Sheikh-ul-Alam Airport, some of those on board shed tears of relief, it’s reported.

A spokesperson for the airline told Sun Online: “An IndiGo flight 6E 9822 experienced a turbulence while flying from Riyadh to Srinagar shortly before landing.

“The cockpit crew followed the laid down standard operating procedures to ensure safety of all passengers on board.

“There were no injuries reported and the passengers were safely de-boarded at Srinagar.”

Turbulence is a change in the air that can rock a plane.

There are many kinds of turbulence that can occur during a flight, from the “clear air” type to “wake turbulence”.

Most of the time weather conditions such as thunderstorms are the cause of disruption during flights, but jet streams caused by large aircraft can also impact a journey.

Jet streams from planes can stretch for thousands of miles long and a few miles deep.

Turbulence is relatively common and is usually harmless, but it can be a scary experience for passengers caught in it.

The main concern for pilots will be the comfort of passengers, so they will often slow down or reroute to escape any wind tunnels.

But injuries have occurred in the past on planes experiencing turbulence.

In June 2019, a cabin crew member was sent crashing into the ceiling of a plane when it suddenly jolted, leaving a total of ten people hurt.

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