Father Arrested After Police Find Remains Suspected of Being His Missing 3-Year-Old Daughter

Online Wyandotte County jail records indicate that Jansen, from Kansas City, Kansas, has been arrested on suspicion of child abuse of unknown circumstance and first-degree murder, according to FOX4. Kirkpatrick has also been arrested, though neither has been formally charged.

KCK Police Department spokesperson T.J. Tomasic told KCTV that police heard “several stories throughout the day” regarding the missing toddler, but “none of them made sense.”

Jansen walked into police headquarters to report his daughter Olivia missing around 8:30 a.m. Friday after he said he woke up several hours earlier to find that she was gone, according to a police press release. Throughout the day, investigators searched around two homes until they received a tip and found Olivia’s body.

Olivia’s family members also told KCTV that they had been concerned about her before the child's body was found, sharing that they were frustrated that they were not allowed to see her.

"She’s just special. She is just a beautiful little girl. Sweet, vibrant. She is my sunshine," step-grandmother Elisabeth Jansen said.

Tomasic said police are now focused on prosecuting “whoever did this.”

“We will make sure that the person responsible for this is charged,” he said.

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