FDA warns humans can spread coronavirus to pets in new video

Humans can possibly spread coronavirus to their pets, the US Food and Drug Administration warned in a new video.

The FDA doled out advice on how pet owners can keep their fur babies safe during the pandemic, including keeping them away from people outside of their home and keeping cats indoors.

“Though it doesn’t seem like animals can give you the virus, it appears you can give it to them,” the video says. “So if you’re sick, avoid direct contact with your pets. If possible, have someone else care for them until you’re well again.”

Pet parents are also advised to wear a face covering and wash their hands before and after interacting with their animals.

Cats and ferrets are more likely to catch coronavirus than dogs, according to the FDA.

A previous study found that cats were susceptible to transmitting the virus to other animals.

FDA logo attached to commercial still image.FDA video warning pet owners.

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