Florida cops misidentify bodies of 2 teens in horrifying mix-up

The bodies of two Florida teenagers were misidentified by police and medical examiners in a disturbing mix-up that horrified their families, according to a report.

The parents of 15-year-old Samara Cooks and 18-year-old Deleigha Gibson are suing the Florida Highway Patrol and the Escambia County’s Medical Examiners for wrongly identifying their daughters after they died in a car crash near Pensacola last July, according to CBS News.

Cooks’ mom, Ranada Cooks, says she discovered the heartbreaking mistake when she had asked a local funeral home to see her daughter’s remains before laying her to rest — only to learn the cadaver wasn’t actually her teenage girl.

“That’s when I noticed that it was not Samara and it was a mix-up,” she told the outlet. “I was thinking, ‘Well maybe there’s a chance that she’s still alive.’”

The unsettling switcheroo has stunted her grief process, she claims.

“I’m not at peace. I’m not at peace. I feel like I haven’t had a chance to mourn,” Ranada said.

She added, “I don’t sleep. I think about what happened.”


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