Ghislaine Maxwell boasted of friendship with world’s richest man Jeff Bezos, using Amazon boss’s name to win influence

GHISLAINE Maxwell would brag and claim she had connections to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos at parties, insiders have claimed.

The British socialite – who is in jail over her alleged links to Jeffrey Epstein – is said to have run in the same circles as billionaire Bezos and ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Maxwell reportedly would name-drop the Amazon and Google billionaires when trying to get donors for her environmental project TerraMar.

Insiders who spoke to Maxwell, 58, about her former charity told The Daily Beast that she also mentioned British billionaire Sir Richard Branson.

Maxwell is even said to have been invited to Bezos' ultra-exclusive book retreat, known as Campfire, in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2018.

There is no suggestion of any improper behaviour of any of the men she is claimed to have known, and it is unclear if she even knew them.

One acquaintance said: “She bragged about knowing Jeff Bezos well a few times as I remember.

"All I remember is that she knew Bezos well.”

Bezos, 56, the world’s richest man with a net worth of $178billion, has not commented on his alleged ties to Maxwell.

Another insider saw pictures of Maxwell with ex-US President Clinton and Pope John Paul II at her Manhattan home.

They said: “She was a name-dropper. She had an incredible list of connections that was very impressive to hear of.”

Maxwell faces trial next year for her alleged role in the sex trafficking ring run by disgraced financier Epstein, with victims describing her as a "pimp" or "madam".

Ex-Google CEO Schmidt was an investor in CargoMetrics, the company launched by Scott Borgerson, Maxwell’s boyfriend and rumoured secret husband.

A source close to him claimed that Maxwell had not played a part in the funding.

One society regular added: “She was good friends with Eric Schmidt.

"I saw them together at events…I almost thought they had a romantic relationship going on.”


Maxwell is the daughter of disgraced newspaper mogul Robert Maxwell and for decades was a regular at high society parties in the UK and US.

She has previously been pictured with big names such as Donald Trump, Elon Musk and Piers Morgan.

Epstein himself would also frequent events, rubbing shoulders with the rich and powerful as he hid his depravity in plain sight.

Her arrest in July at a mansion in New Hampshire was the first time she has ever faced criminal charges over her links to Epstein.

Maxwell and Epstein are claimed to have met not long after she moved to New York following the death of her dad, who fell off his yacht, The Lady Ghislaine.

The two are known to have been lovers for a time, before Maxwell started to work for him – with some describing her as running his household.

Epstein survivors allege she played a key role in recruiting young girls for the paedophile billonaire to abuse, often under the pretence of modelling or giving massages.

The socialite has always denied any wrongdoing over her relationship with Epstein, and has pleaded not guility to the charges.


Maxwell faces four charges related to transporting minors for illegal sexual acts, and two for perjury in depositions about her role in Epstein's abuses. 

Her lawyers claim she has been turned into a scapegoat following Epstein's death by suicide last August.

However, an attempt by her legal team to gag victims from talking about the case was torpedoed yesterday by a judge.

She faces a year in jail before her trial next year after an unsuccessful bid for bail, with her vast wealth playing its part in the courts deeming her an flight risk.

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