Girl, 15, saved from certain death in Russia

Hero rescuer catches girl by the legs and hauls her to safety as she plunges from a 14th floor balcony in Russia

  • A rescuer managed to save a teenage girl as she fell from a tower block 
  • The girl was saved as she was about to plunge around 140 feet to her death
  • The teenager, who is believed to be aged 15, banged her head during the ordeal
  •  Authorities are currently investigating why the girl almost fell to her death 

A hero rescuer was seen on a dramatic video catching a teenage girl who fell from a 14th floor balcony in Russia.

The emergencies worker was on the 13th floor and grabbed her legs as she plunged towards the ground 140ft below.

Police are seeking to establish the reason the girl, believed to be aged 15, fell from the balcony.

This is the dramatic moment a rescuer saves a 15-year-old girl who had fallen from the balcony more than 140 feet above the ground

Authorities are currently investigating how the girl had been placed in such a perilous position

Rescuers had erected a large inflatable mattress beneath the balcony in case the girl fell

An air cushion had been placed on the ground below.

The girl banged her head during the rescue but was not seriously injured.

She is being treated in hospital.

Watching residents broke into applause as she was saved, say media reports.


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