Gov. Andrew Cuomo says coronavirus face masks are ‘cool’ now

Well now it’s official!

Wearing a mask to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is “cool,” noted tastemaker Gov. Andrew Cuomo decreed on Tuesday.

“This is almost a point of cultural communication,” said Cuomo, who entered his press briefing at the newly-reopened New York Stock Exchange donning a standard, light-blue medical mask. “Wearing a mask is now cool.

“I believe it’s cool.”

Cuomo suggested that, if he could, he would take the trendiest step possible by issuing a government proclamation on the matter.

“If I could sign an executive order that says, ‘Wearing a mask is officially cool,’” said Cuomo, trailing off before finishing the thought.

“New Yorkers want to reinforce it for other New Yorkers: This is cool,” Cuomo continued to gush. “You want to encourage people to do this.”

Still, Cuomo admitted that his mask game was lacking compared to some more imaginative New Yorkers.

“You don’t have to boring mask like my mask. I’m a boring guy,” said Cuomo, despite what other alleged fashion choices would have you believe.

“They have color masks. They have masks that say things,” the governor continued. “Some people coordinate their outfit with the color of their mask.”

Cuomo’s embrace of masks as the life-saving fashion statement of 2020 marks a sharp departure from his stance earlier in the pandemic, when he questioned New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for advising that all Big Apple residents wear some sort of face-covering when going outside.

But nearly two weeks after those remarks, Cuomo mandated that all New Yorkers must mask up when heading into situations where social-distancing was difficult to maintain.

By Tuesday, Cuomo had come around to masks as a way of New York life.

“This has to be part of literally who we are and what we do every day,” Cuomo said. “That does not mean when someone doesn’t wear a mask we should be rude to that person or be obnoxious to that person.

“But, this has got to be part of every New Yorker’s fashion and design and clothing and outfit. It makes a real difference.”

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