Grandma dances for joy after evacuating coronavirus-stricken Grand Princess cruise ship

This grandmother celebrated the end of her coronavirus cruise from hell by busting a move.

Michelle Heckert shared a video of her elated grandparents waiting to leave the dock after disembarking from the Grand Princess in Oakland, California, on Monday.

“Safe to say they are relieved to be on land?” Heckert wrote in a caption to the footage.

She and her grandparents were ecstatic to finally be off the ship and “on solid ground” before being whisked off to a quarantine facility for 14 days, she added, according to Storyful.

In another tweet, Heckert posted video of the three of them, saying “it’s a beautiful day outside, even in our area of #Quarantine … also, grandma’s hair can’t be confined by a hat!!”

She also shared a snap of a boxed lunch, their first under quarantine at Travis Air Force Base.

“A weird thing to be excited about, i know, but we feel very fortunate to be safe & well-fed with a roof over our heads & solid ground under our feet,” she wrote.

Of the 3,533 people aboard the liner, 45 were tested for the coronavirus and 21 were confirmed to have been infected – two passengers and 19 crew members.

The guests had been in isolation since March 4 after the virus had been transmitted from infected passengers who had been aboard the ship during a previous voyage.

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