Granny killed by falling ice moments after discussing when she thought she'd die

A grandmother was killed by falling ice moments after sipping a cocktail with her husband and discussing who would die first.

Linda Scharrenberg, 73, died in a freak accident on the deck of her stunning cabin in East Harwick, Vermont, on February 24 after she and husband of 49 years Creed, 79, spent the afternoon speculating about their respective demises.

The retired administrative assistant’s daughter Jodine Meyers said her dad had told her mom that he hoped he would go first, saying: ‘I don’t know how I would live without you.’

Speaking to the Caledonian Record, Meyers said her mother had then joked that they would possibly die at the same time in a car wreck, with the contented couple also discussing how ‘blessed’ their lives were.

The grieving relative said her parents had been stepping in from their deck, when Creed saw his wife turn. Meyers continued: ‘She was coming in and she must have seen it give way.

‘Dad saw the ice come off the roof and hit her in the back of her head. She landed face first and was completely buried in the snow. ‘

Scharrenberg was knocked unconscious by the snow, with paramedics spending an hour frantically trying to revive her. Creed ultimately made the decision to let them stop after being told that his wife’s cognitive function had gone.

Meyers said she believes her mother suffered a broken neck from the ice, and says she has been comforted by knowing that Scharrenberg would not have suffered.

She says her dad is distraught that if he had shoveled snow off their cabin roof that day, or let Scharrenberg go inside first, she could still be alive.

The devastated widower brought 51 roses to his wife’s funeral on Saturday – one for each year they had been together – and asked fellow mourners to take one home as a memento of Scharrenberg.

Meyers paid tribute to her ‘hard-working, loving, true and honest’ mother, and added: ‘I also know that everything happens for a reason and I have comfort…

‘I also know that everything happens for a reason and I have comfort … we are firm believers in salvation and heaven and I know that that’s where she is and now she doesn’t have to go through the crap of getting old.’

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