Home Secretary tells Tory rebels they must stop attacking the PM or they will end up with a Labour government | The Sun

The Prime Minster has the vision to get Britain moving, boost prosperity and improve lives across the country.

As she laid out in her speech at Conservative Conference in Birmingham on Wednesday, she won’t give into the voices of decline who say the UK can’t grow our economy faster or do better.

She knows this is a great country and that our best days ahead.

She is ready to take the decisive action to make our nation wealthier and healthier.

She stepped in to help families and businesses with sky-high energy costs this autumn and winter.

And she’s working with allies across the world to bolster our global energy security so we are never in this position of high prices caused by Putin’s appalling invasion of Ukraine again.

She’s working with me to protect our borders and clamp down on illegal migration. She knows what it takes to keep this country safe from threats at home and abroad.

She has the determination and grit to get us through the tough times ahead and on the path to security and growth.

As a party, we must unite around her now. We cannot give in to the unpatriotic, anti-growth collation that does Britain down and opposes this Government.

Those working with Labour to undermine our Prime Minister are putting the Conservatives’ chance of victory at the next election in real danger.

There is only one side who gains from splits and fallout in our Conservative family – that’s the Labour Party.

So the choice for my colleagues and for us is as party is simple: Back Liz or get Keir Starmer hand in hand with Nicola Sturgeon.

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