Hong Kong extradition treaty announcement: What time is Dominic Raab's speech today?

THE UK is expected to make an announcement about its extradition treaty with Hong Kong.

But what will it be about and what time is it today? Here is everything you'll need to know…

What time is Dominic Raab's announcement about Hong Kong today?

The Foreign Secretary is expected to make the announcement to the House of Commons at 2:30 pm today but the time has yet to be confirmed.

The announcement will be available to watch on BBC Parliament and Sky News.

What is he expected to say?

Dominic Raab is expected to suspend the UK's extradition treaty with Hong Kong on Monday amid growing tensions with Beijing.

According to the Daily Telegraph, multiple Whitehall insiders claimed that the Foreign Secretary is set to tell MP's that the arrangement will be temporarily stopped.

This after the imposition of the new national security law by the Chinese government last month.

The Government has said China’s new national security law violates the Sino-British Joint Declaration which guaranteed Hong Kong’s way of life would remain unchanged for 50 years until 2047.

On Sunday Mr Raab accused China of "gross, egregious" humans rights abuses against the country's Uighur population.

He said: “It is clear that there are gross, egregious human rights abuses going on, which is why in Geneva at the UN we raised this with 27 partners … to call out the government of China for its human rights abuses of the Uighurs, also of Hong Kong".

Mr Raab also described the reports of forced sterilisation and mass reeducation camps as "deeply troubling".

It follows the government’s decision to exclude the tech giant Huawei from the UK’s 5G network, in a major U-turn just six months after approving its involvement.

The Chinese ambassador to the UK, Liu Xiaoming, said Beijing was still considering its response but warned Britain not to get drawn into a “tit-for-tat” confrontation.

What is the extradition treaty between Hong Kong and the UK?

Britain's extradition treaty with the Chinese government criminalises any Hong Kong nationals who have dealt in secession, subversion and collusion with foreign forces.

It also curtails rights to protect and freedom of speech.

These rules apply outside of China's borders causing fears that Beijing could try and use the extradition treaty to drag overseas residents involved in pro-democracy activism back to Hong Kong.

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