Husband ‘doused disabled wife with gasoline & tried to set her on FIRE because he didn’t qualify for coronavirus check’ – The Sun

A HUSBAND poured gasoline over his disabled wife and tried to set her on fire after he discovered he didn’t qualify for a coronavirus check.

Joe Macias, 63, from New Mexico, was arrested Wednesday following a row with his wife.

The wife, who has not been named, told cops Macias had come home at around 5pm with a four-pack of beer and was upset “because he did not qualify for the stimulus check”.

When he had finished the beer he asked his wife for the car keys so he could go and buy some more but she refused.

Macias is then said to have told his wife "you’re going to pay the consequences” before storming out and returning a few hours later with a gas can.

Police said the man then threw gas on his wife and around their mobile home near San Antonio, the Albuquerque Journal reports.

The wife then claimed Macias had pulled out a cigarette and attempted to light it several times, but failed because the lighter had gasoline on it.

Cops say they found Macias later, walking down the street with his clothes soaked in gasoline.

Officers also discovered the victim with her hair and pajamas soaked in gasoline, lying on the floor inside a nearby trailer.

Macias was charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, and aggravated battery against a household member.

No attorney was listed for him in online court records.

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