I left Army & now I’m ‘UK’s hottest lorry driver’ – rude men drivers always say the same thing… but it doesn’t bother me | The Sun

A WOMAN who left the Army and is now described as the UK’s hottest lorry driver says rude male drivers all say the same thing.

Nicolle – who is known on social media as ‘Trucker Baddie’ – claims she has had to put up with vile misogynistic comments from men trying to belittle her as she is thriving in a male dominated field.

Despite the abuse, she is trying to encourage more women to take up jobs in the haulage business but has warned they will need a thick skin to cope.

The 28-year-old trucker from Sunderland developed a strong will when she spent seven years in the Army, having signed up when she was 16.

Nicolle was eventually medically discharged and her boyfriend Ben, who is also a HGV driver, inspired her to switch careers.

She had no qualifications after leaving school so decided to give it a go after she gained her licence while serving her country.

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Nicolle, who has 154,000 followers on TikTok, told the Daily Star: “I have always said this and tried to use my social media to encourage younger girls to get into HGV driving.

“You have got to have a thick skin though because you do get a lot of comments from men.

"I am not labelling every man in the industry because you get a lot of lovely people.

“But I have had men following me with their phones taking videos and pictures without asking.

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“I have also had comments saying ‘what are you doing this is a man’s job’ and ‘you shouldn’t be driving a truck’.”

She added she’s had to endure those sorts of comments and much worse – but thanks to her thick skin they don’t really bother her and she just laughs at them and walks away.

Nicolle said she wasn’t initially taken with the job but eventually got used to it and now loves the freedom of being out on the road without anyone harassing her.

By this stage, Nicolle and Ben were spending 12 to 15 hours days working and hardly getting to see each other or their families.

Nicolle had also built up a large following on Instagram being a female trucker and the pair wanted to capitalise on that.

They eventually signed up with OnlyFans in order to give them a better work life balance.

Ben, 32, who met Nicolle on Tinder eight years ago told the paper: “Nicolle found her niche as a trucker girl who also does OnlyFans, as girls who drive trucks get a lot of male attention.

“So she thought ‘why not let them see more’.”

While they are now successful content creators, the pair haven’t lost their passion for HGV driving.

Nicolle still works for an agency and gets behind the wheel of a lorry sporadically.

She said she still loves getting out on the road as she gets bored being at home “doing the same thing”.

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While she loves being able to work from home now she also loves getting out to work as well.

Speaking about her OnlyFans success, she said: “I would never have thought that from the age of 27 I would not have to go out to work… I would never have thought to have the freedom at this age.”

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