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RUSSIAN torturers have been accused of using a homemade electric chair to inflict savage shocks on Ukrainian captives and also castrated their victims.

Horrific evidence of fresh Russian war crimes is emerging from the newly liberated city of Izyum including mass graves as well as torture chambers.

Vladimir Putin’s troops are accused of carrying out massacres during their occupation and as they fled in the face of lightning Ukrainian advance that has liberated huge swathes of territory.

Several Ukrainians have spoken of the Russians using electric shocks to torture anyone they suspected of helping the resistance.

Now chilling images have emerged showing a chair attached to a piece of wood on the floor using a metal pole to keep it in place, with a hole in the wall next to it with wires showing.

The homemade electric chair was in a room at Izyum police station and it's claimed the Russians used it to torture Ukrainians.


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The image was posted by Taras Berezovets, who serves with the Ivan Bohun brigade of the Ukrainian army’s special forces, and acts as the unit’s spokesman.

Berezovets said the Russians “used electric shocks to torture prisoners of war and civilians”.

He explained that the “chair stands on a wooden platform” so that the torturer carrying out the interrogation “can avoid electric shock”.

“The wires with which the prisoners were interrogated are visible on the left in the wall,” he said.

He also posted footage of another torture chamber where he says Ukrainians prisoners were held four per cell.

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One cell was reserved for military captives and only held one person in it, explained Berezovets.

At least 10 torture chambers where local people were brutalised in squalid conditions by the Russian occupiers have also been found.

In Izyum, locals said scores of men were held in underground cells at the main police station.

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky said horror is the latest war crime inflicted on his country after the discovery of mass graves in Bucha and Mariupol following the Russian invasion in February.

Horror photos show bodies being dug out of around 450 graves near Izyum.

Investigators have said nearly all the bodies exhumed from the mass grave showed signs of torture – including violent castrations.

Yevheny Yenin, Ukraine's first deputy minister of internal affairs, said: "We continue to find bodies with signs of violent death – there are many of them.

"These include broken ribs and cracked skulls, men with bound hands, broken jaws, and severed genitalia."

Oleg Synehubov, governor of Kharkiv region, added: "Some of the dead have signs of a violent death. There are bodies with tied hands and traces of torture.

"The deceased were also found to have explosive, shrapnel and stab wounds."

It comes as harrowing detail has emerged of the suffering inflicted on Ukrainians by the Russian occupiers during the Ukraine war.

Oleksandr Hlushko, 53, told The Times he was held for five days after the Russians suspected the former soldier of being in contact with Ukrainian partisans.

His ribs were crushed, he was beaten about the head and the soles of his feet were whipped, before he was thrown out of a car and dumped by the side of the road.

The ordeal left him needing six weeks of hospital treatment and he now slurs his words as if he’s drunk.

“The first time they took me away, they beat me until I was a vegetable,” he said.

“If it wasn’t for the doctors, I wouldn’t be here today.”

He was also one of those the Russians used electric shocks on, using electrodes attached to his little fingers.

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