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TOUGHER measures have been implemented by the government to try and stop the spread of coronavirus.

Brits have been told to work from home if possible, with exceptions being made for 'essential' jobs, in which you can carry out your work as normal.

Clear guidelines have not yet been issued by the government as to which jobs are essential, leaving some of the public confused.

This confusion has left construction workers, window cleaners and gardeners in-particularly, unclear on if they should continue work.

Is gardening essential work?

Gardeners haven't been identified as 'key workers'.

The government have said: "Work carried out in people’s homes, for example by tradespeople carrying out repairs and maintenance, can continue, provided that the trades-person is well and has no symptoms."

In Scotland the advice is clearer, with gardeners being told that they can still work in this time, First Minister Nicolas Sturgeon said: "If they can go about their business safely this can be good for the community and we would encourage them to do so."

As public parks are still open to the public for the meantime, it is likely that gardeners working in these spaces will continue to maintain the up-keep of the parks.

With measures getting tighter as the coronavirus pandemic worsens, Director of parks Tom Jarvis said in a statement: "Social distancing, as set out by the Government, is absolutely crucial so people must stay at least two metres apart at all times."

Garden centres should be closing too, the government have said, stating only shops providing essential items like food and medicine should stay open.

The Royal Horticultural Society cancelled its annual Chelsea Flower Show after this advice but have planned a virtual show to fill the empty void.


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